Using Liquids To Clean Is A Better Option 

Liquid evaporator cleaner (น้ํา ยา ล้าง คอยล์ เย็น, which is the term in Thai) is handy easy to use just spray and see the magic. It is a purifying way to blow the wind circulation pipe of the air conditioner, including and suspending entirely infecting scraps that can influence the essence of the wind itself. Spattered direct on the finned rolls of the division or sector roll eliminates dust, dust, bacteria, antigens, and micros. It dissolves instantly and effectively externally giving deposits and nimbuses. It reduces adverse odors and gives a refreshing neat fragrance. 

In an air conditioner cleaning, has a huge role it not only clean the surface but helps in cleaning panels too. It is simple to utilize when dirt goes away it will carry escape into the channel with the assistance of liquid, in the outcome, it gives you outside and indoor cleaning. It is a good option to clean the air conditioner of your house and even the car air conditioner. The air conditioner flows neat and refreshing air as long as its evaporator is clean and unblocked.  

Product Features

Liquid evaporator cleaner easy to use and convenient, it does not change the air conditioner components does not oxidize the body and decay. Saves time and pocket friendly not acidic in character so one air conditioner is maintained. After scrubbing cooling is improved because cooling is spread equally. Its other peculiarities include that it gives one car or room air conditioner a pleasant scent and eliminates the foul odor

Also cleans germs, bacteria, dirt, stains, and fungi, etc. from the inner and outer panel. It cleans the inner panel so effectively that it increases the life span of the air conditioner. Reduce the collection of fat, dust, and slime. After washing boosts the richness so saves power. It does not alter the environment so it is eco-friendly, does not destroy the microorganisms in the practice millpond. Chemicals do not affect the cleaners hand or any part which is in the contact.

How To Store 

Liquid evaporator cleaner is easy to store in a cool and dry place well-closed, away from kids, keep away from direct sunlight, and heat. Store it at room temperature. And keep it away from pets. Consuming this cleaning foam is strictly prohibited, be careful while using do a skin patch test and do not let it get into your eyes and to any wound. 




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