Are wooden doors best choices for exterior?

Wooden doors are the traditional need of any home or building for maintaining privacy and safety. This provides a sophisticated and graceful look to the home. It also enhances the architectural style of home. Material can be the best choice for exterior but it depends upon the wood strength. Whether the material can withstand the environmental conditions or not, decides what to select and what to not.  This door material is rust-free, needs low maintenance and is easily affordable. It can last for a long time due to its characteristic strength. It also acts as an insulator with artistry. Many types of patterns can be carved on it to make it beautiful.

Some wooden doors are made up of a single species like oak or alder and known as Solid doors. Some manufacturers make engineered wooden doors. These doors are made up of layers of different species of wood by gluing them. These doors are considered more stable than solid doors which cannot withstand environmental conditions like humidity, temperature and storms. Wooden doors can easily resist wear and tear (they don’t dent and scratches can be repaired).

Whenever you decide to fit a wooden door in front of an entryway, you must have to keep these points in your mind.

  • What designs are you selecting for your door?
  • What type of material are you using?
  • Is this material durable or not?
  • Quality of wood
  • Direction of door, where it has to be fitted

Manufacturers worked hard to make polymers and plastic replicas as alternatives of real wood. They failed to create durability and beauty of real wood. Wooden doors provide elegance and long lasting surety. Renovation and repair options are also available.

Direction and exposure must be kept in mind because direction towards direct sunlight exposure can cause wear and tear in wooden doors. It may cause fading of color and may need refinishing. If the door is facing north then, this is an ideal direction. This case is maintenance free and needs no beauty refinishing for at least a decade.

Durability is the most important element to consider for exterior doors. Decay resistant with minimal shrinking and swelling. Professionals can explain it better that what type of wood is the best choice for different locations, which can easily resist climatic conditions.

Mahogany is the best species for doors. In northern areas, hardwood like oak cannot withstand climatic changes. It needs refinishing after a short notice whereas Mahogany is a more durable species of hardwood. It looks attractive. This hardwood provides more stability than others. It can withstand wear and tear and can keep its beauty for a long time. These wooden doors are classic, traditional and architectural designs which are integrated. These doors are available in a wide variety of styles in the market.

There are many design options but best suited must be assessed for the decoration purpose. Designs must have a functional role in home decoration. If you are choosing one of oak and mahogany or another quality for doors, lend such a style which can complement your home.

Quality of the door wood must be suited to home. Choose a quality which you can enjoy for years. Exterior door demands quality, stability, durability and style. A craftsman can easily guide you about the quality of wood for doors to your entire satisfaction. Amber wood can be the best choice.

Wooden doors can be the less efficient choice. Wooden doors are less energy efficient as the metal and glass doors. But these doors can be made efficient by encasing them by metal or by better installment of doors. You need to renew the finish of doors after short notice which includes paints, varnishes and weather sheets (if it is more exposed to sunlight).

Wooden doors are less costly than glass or steel doors. Choosing a wooden door for the exterior of your house is the best choice because it is more versatile than others. It is repairable, if damages. Good qualities of wood can withstand climatic changes and are long lasting. Wooden doors are available with different designs of carvings, which attract the most towards wooden doors.

This is a popular choice because we can customize size, style and shape preferences. But wood can warp easily so you’d have to change the exterior doors more frequently than other doors.

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