Month: September 2022

Prefab past & present

Johaan Huf was a German Carpenter who had humble origins but much grander dreams. From a small but productive carpentry shop and sawmill that opened in 1912 in Hartenfels in the Westerwald region, he survived the challenges of two World Wars – and slowly built up a family-led empire that created what we know today […]

What are the issues that are caused by a wet basement?

All homeowners that felt like skipping the basement waterproofing process state they regret it. And if you’re wondering why you should look at some of the most common problems caused by improper basement waterproofing. A leaky basement can cause serious flooding. And when this happens, your entire home is at risk. A wet basement can ruin electrical systems, promote mold growth, […]

Que pouvez-vous faire avec un pouf?

Un pouf un meuble utile mais ennuyeux ? Ce n’est pas nécessaire! De nos jours, vous pouvez trouver une variété de poufs, à la fois dans les magasins d’ameublement et en ligne. Classique, moderne ou vintage ; il y a un beau pouf pour chaque style. Curieux de savoir ce qu’un pouf peut ajouter au […]

What are the ways to make a bathroom tight?

Excess moisture levels in a bathroom may lead to various discomforts including mildew and mold formation. Homeowners who want to prevent high moisture in their bathrooms should consider choosing waterproof solutions to achieve the best results. This helps reduce damage and other problems effectively. Bathrooms Dandenong contractor lets customers waterproof their bathrooms with the latest […]

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