Tips For Successful Snow Removal Operations During Winter

Snow removal operations for a municipality are often a source of complaints and claims from citizens. As the manager of this work, you can reduce these consequences and lessen their financial impact by applying preventive measures.

  1. Adopt A Snow Removal Policy

To do this, you should at least adopt a snow removal policy and ensure that it is implemented. Make sure that it contains clear indications on the priority of the streets to be cleared of snow and that it deals with the management of earth development.

  1. Train Machine Operators

This training should focus on the preventive measures to be applied in snow removal activities, as well as the dangers and risks associated with the performance of this work. For example, you should educate them to reduce their speed to reduce the risk of damage caused by collisions and by throwing snow or ice on vehicles and other people’s property.

Also, take advantage of this training to reinforce the reflex of the operators regarding the dump body of the truck. Finally, this training should enable them to understand the importance of having recourse to a person walking on foot to guide the operators during reversing maneuvers and risky operations.

  1. Check The Quality Of The Work At All Times

Make sure that the marking of land and equipment is carried out correctly and that the clearances on the properties are respected. This facilitates the work of operators who operate in difficult weather conditions.

Also, regularly examine the quality of the work carried out by the operators. This will allow you to make corrections more quickly and ensure that citizens maintain quality service. On the other hand, at the end of winter, inspect the infrastructures and plan the repairs, directing your interventions towards the elements most dangerous for the population.

  1. Keep A Log Of Transactions And Complaints

If there’s one thing you should remember, it is this. It would be best if you kept a log of snow removal operations. This good practice can not only be used to prove that the work has taken place but also what decisions and actions have been taken regarding the management of these operations.

Thus, if a citizen complained about the condition of the roadway, the municipality could consult its register and demonstrate that the snow removal policy was followed to the letter. Likewise, you should enter any comments received from citizens in a complaint register and follow up as necessary.

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