Benefits Offered by Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a type of insulation that creates a seamless barrier of polyurethane foam. The material is created when the two materials react when mixed and then expand between 30 and 60 times the liquid volume after sprayed in the application area. Once expanded, the foam seals all crevices, voids, cracks, and seams that would otherwise remain open and become a source of escape for the heated or cooled air.

While hiring spray foam contractors Virginia and having the material applied costs more initially, it also offers various benefits that make it worth the investment. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

Powerful Insulator

The air sealing power offered by spray foam is one of the main reasons it is considered superior to fiberglass. The material can get into all crevices and cracked, expanding and drying quickly to block the air. Even in professional installations, fiberglass doesn’t offer a true air barrier or seal. In some situations, both air and moisture can move through it. With spray foam, the material helps maintain the inside temperature of the building it is used in.

Heating and Cooling Benefits

Air leaks are one of the main sources of high energy costs. Depending on the climate where you live, spray foam insulation provides energy savings, on average, 50% more, unlike other insulation types, that average savings rates of around 30%.

Moisture Barrier

Seams, cracks, and joints in the crawl space and walls let more than just air come in. Moisture may penetrate these areas and cause problems. Spray foam ensures this doesn’t happen.

Prevents Mildew and Mold Development

Spray foam insulation is designed with an inert polymer. It provides no food source for bacteria or mold. The closed-cell foam insulation will prevent any moisture from entering the walls of the building. While both foam types will help reduce condensation buildup, closed-cell material will serve as a barrier against larger amounts of water.

Reduced Allergens and Pollen

Along with reducing moisture in the building or home, spray foam insulation can also reduce allergens, pollen, and dust from getting through the walls. Since it provides a complete seal, these particles can’t penetrate as they do with other insulation types.

If you are interested in using spray foam at your home or in your building, contact the professionals. They can evaluate your needs and ensure the right solutions are provided. In the long-run, you will see all the benefits mentioned here, and more.

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