Steps To Follow Before Painting The Walls

At some point, we have all thought of painting the walls of our house or premises ourselves. Perhaps, we have not dared because we are not as experienced as Oahu pro painters, and we have not known all the steps involved.

On other occasions, we have been lazy because we want to apply paint directly, and we have not had enough patience to carry out certain techniques beforehand to achieve more impressive results.

In this article, we will explain in four easy steps, how to prepare and clean a wall before painting it.

  1. Remove Old Paint From Walls

Before applying the new coat of paint, the first step is to remove the old paint with a putty knife. You must be very careful, or the wall may crack. With small sandpaper, you can smooth and balance the edges.

You should also clean the wall thoroughly, removing mold before it blooms and causes serious problems. Pay close attention to the fact that mold tends to appear on the walls of humid environments where the air does not flow. Remove it by rubbing it with a damp cloth with bleach. Before painting, make sure the surface is completely dry.

  1. Fix Cracks, Gaps, And Chips In The Walls

The walls are not usually completely smooth surfaces without damage. There are always small holes and marks that can be very noticeable if you put a fresh coat of paint over it. Ideally, before renovating your walls, the ideal is to use putty or plastic filler to fix any crack, gap, and other visible imperfections using a putty knife. Remove excess material and sand to level after it dries.

  1. Sand And Clean The Walls

Sand the wall if it has previous coats of paint, but don’t sand plaster walls, as in this case, they are already suitable for painting. Also, with a broom and a soft, dry cloth, remove the dust thoroughly so that the subsequent paint adheres completely and has a professional finish.

  1. Fix And Seal The Walls Before Painting

Applying fixative or sealer to the wall will make it absorb less paint, spreading more optimally over the previous color and not wasting product. This is a required step if you are painting a new wall, or it has been a long time since it was last painted. The sealant product is used in a similar way to paint, with a brush and roller, and mixed with water, as indicated in the container’s instructions. Let it dry for hours indicated before painting with the final color.

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