Tips For Designing a Contemporary Dining Room

Clean lines and curves are one of the primary features of a contemporary design. Also, it should be clutter-free and feature open spaces. By giving your home a contemporary layout, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. However, you must remember to use both man-made and natural materials while designing your contemporary home. It helps to create a trendy and sleek decor with a natural touch to it.

To ensure that your dining space appears organised and clutter-free, you must ensure that minimal furniture and accessories are used. Since the dining room design tends to get dirty easily because of spills while serving and eating, opting for a minimal design will help to keep it clean as well. If you are not sure about how to give your dining room a contemporary look, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 06 Choose contemporary colours

In many contemporary designs, you will notice neutral colours. Using neutral colours in your dining room design is a great idea as well. However, many experts recommend opting for a basic colour palette so that you do not have to change the colours when new trends arrive. Neutral and earth tones are considered appropriate for them. White or soft grey is a great choice for the walls if you want a calming ambiance or you can choose chocolate brown or black for a bold look. Consider avoiding dark and bright colours while painting the walls of your contemporary dining room. Rather, accent it with bright-coloured accessories. You can opt for various accent colours like green, red, and bright orange.

02 of 06 Contemporary Rugs

Laying a rug on the floor can make your dining room a more inviting place. However, a contemporary dining room interior design should feature rugs that have subtle earth tones or geometric designs. In some cases, using brighter earth tones is acceptable if you want a more vibrant ambiance. Most commonly, hemp and bamboo rugs are used in contemporary designs. Persian rugs look great as well if you have a large glass-topped dining table.

03 of 06 Materials

The different types of materials used in a room greatly impact its mood. Instead of sticking to just one type of material, opt for both natural and manmade materials. For instance, a laminated wooden or bamboo floor will surely look great in your dining room. You can add a few wooden furniture pieces to that setup and place a few plants on them for a refreshing look.

04 of 06 Furniture design

For your dining room design, you must always choose furniture pieces that feature strong lines, right angles, and straight edges. You can consider introducing soft curves as well. Although wooden or metal chairs that feature straight backs will look great in a contemporary dining room, more and more homeowners are now opting for upholstered chairs with solid colours. If your contemporary setup does not feature prints, avoid choosing prints while buying your dining room furniture. While buying the dining table, look for options that feature clear lines or have a glass top.

05 of 06 Choose accessories that feature contemporary designs

A contemporary layout should feature sleek designs. Hence, you must always choose minimal accessories to attain a sleek look. There are various accessories available that you can use to enhance the appeal of your contemporary dining room interior design. For instance, putting a willow tree in a pottery vase is a great idea. The lighting fixtures can be used to create a mood and add more drama to the setup as well. Make sure that the accessories do not feature intricate details and lots of patterns. All fabrics used in the room should have solid colours, and feature only bold and geometric patterns if any.

06 of 06 Add contemporary plants

You can never go wrong with adding potted plants to the dining room setup. It helps to create a great combination of nature and man-made stuff in the room. You can place them on the floor, furniture surfaces, or even place one on the dining table as a centerpiece. Make sure that the plants have bright green leaves and are planted in pots that feature geometric patterns and neutral colours.

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