Safety Tips for Your Attic Cleanout – 7 Things You Should Do

When it comes to cleaning, the one space in the house we usually tend to leave for the absolute last, is the attic… Whether we intend to or not, the attic just somehow turns into that space where all the junk we’re not ready to let go of, ends up landing… But there comes a point in everyone’s lives where we just have to suck it up, and do a massive attic cleanout… but, cleaning the attic isn’t like cleaning your storeroom, it’s a different type of room altogether, which means that there’s a totally different approach you need to take while cleaning it safely… and if you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of 7 things you should do when doing an attic cleanout! So when you get to it, you’ll already be a pro at it!

#1: Check the forecast

Before you step foot in the attic, it’s important that you check the weather forecast. Attic’s aren’t like the rest of the house, and if your area is going to be experiencing some major storms, it might not be a good idea to be cleaning the attic at that time. If the forecast is anything but a calm day, turn around, and come back another day!

#2: Make sure you have adequate lighting

Unlike the rest of the house, attic’s usually don’t have the best lighting. If your attic lacks windows, then you don’t even get access to natural light! And it’s possible that you’re just trying to make do with the one bulb that the contractor decided to leave behind. Instead of relying on that, get some extra lighting, even a headlamp! The more you can see, the less your chances are of running into a beam!

#3: Go in with a plan

Hopefully, you know what’s in your attic and can visualize a plan of action so you don’t just get lost in a dark sea of junk. If you don’t, just stand at the entry point of your attic, and work your way out. Stop at every “layer” and replan. That way you’ll get everything done efficiently and safely!

#4: Bring all the necessary equipment

“Equipment” here doesn’t necessarily mean heavy machinery. Before you get to the attic, make sure you’ve taken a broom, dustpan, shop light, hammers, nails, gloves, newspaper for cushioning, and anything else you might need! The more prepared you are, the better!

#5: Use boxes

Storage boxes are a godsend when it comes to organization, and that’s the case during an attic cleanout too! Instead of just chucking the “junk” to the other side, or even down the attic, use storage boxes to keep track of everything! If you find anything fragile, or sharp that could cause injury, wrap it up in newspaper and then put it in the storage box!

#6: Watch out for mold

Since we don’t really hang out in the attics, and attics tend to have a few leaks here and there, they’re more susceptible to moisture buildup and mold. If you see any sign of mold. Do not touch it with your bare hands. If there’s a lot of it, get a mask on too to protect your respiratory system. It might be a better idea to get out of there if you notice significant molding.

#7: Call a professional

Whether it’s a lot of molding or a little bit, you need to call in a professional. A professional service will be able to fully clean out your attic in a safe way, and get rid of all of the mold that might be there! Once they’re done, a company like a San Jose junk pickup, can come in and get rid of all the moldy (and otherwise) junk away so you don’t have to deal with it yourself!

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