Check Out What You Need To Know Before Moving Into A Condominium

Before moving into a condominium, it’s essential to know some information about the space to be surprised later. Find out in this article what information is essential.

Imagine an unpleasant situation: you decide to move after buying or renting a property in a condominium, but without knowing its rules, you discover that pets are not allowed. What to do with your pet? It’s going to be considerable wear for sure. To avoid unpleasant situations concerning the bylaws of the place you are planning to move to, it is good to be informed about some items and avoid problems like the one in the example.

Here’s what to know before making a decision and choosing your new home:

Rules For Change

All condominiums like the condo near Charan (คอน โด แถว รั which is the term in Thai) have in their bylaw’s rules regarding moving. Therefore, it is good to ask the manager for information about the days and times allowed and how to schedule your move. It’s important to know if the carrier can park the vehicle in the building’s garage, for example, or how best to unload your gear.

Pets: Welcome Or Not?

The example used at the beginning of the text may be something more common than you think. Although, there are few spaces that today do not accept pets since many people have pets, and the right to have an animal is guaranteed by law. Therefore, there will hardly be anything so strict that prohibits the presence of pets, but there will undoubtedly be rules about their circulation within the joint space. It is essential to know if it is necessary to keep it on your lap when using the elevator, for example, or if it is necessary to use muzzles and if the traffic in shared spaces is allowed for them.

Garage Use

Some condominiums have particular rules regarding the use of a garage, especially in shared spaces. Please find out how this dynamic works to decide whether or not it meets your expectations. Some condominiums also reserve some spaces for visitors, so it is interesting to know if there is this possibility as well or not. In addition, for those who have more than one car but only have one parking space, it is essential to understand if it is possible to rent garages that may be empty and what the bylaws say about it.

Use Of Common Areas

Many condominiums currently have several common areas ranging from barbecue grills, ballrooms and games, to swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and woods. So that everything works harmoniously among the unit owners, there are particular rules about these spaces. Find out what they are; being informed is always the best option.

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