The Best Loft Décor Tips For Your Room

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These spaces are synonymous with modernity and versatility, being a trend in European cities. Put an end to the problems and find out how to customize your home. The loft is a type of property that brings together the environments in a space without walls and the complication arises when decorating to achieve a beautiful space and even with divided rooms.

This type of environment is much sought after by couples without children and single people, serving a young audience of full working age. They are advantageous for practicality and a feeling of freedom. Another benefit is the enhancement of natural light, which reduces the use of electricity. As the installations are apparent, any repair is easier to be carried out, without all the hassle of construction work.

It’s ideal for those who live in an intense work routine and don’t have time for homework, so loft ends up being a solution and a new lifestyle. With creativity and a few simple lofts decorating tips, you can create a pleasant, comfortable and functional environment, while still enjoying every corner of the house.

First Of All, Better Understand The Characteristics Of A Loft

Before going straight to the loft decoration with loft color (สีลอฟท์ which is the term in Thai) phase, it is good to understand the specific characteristics of this type of house, as if it were an apartment. Take a look at some key aspects:

  • High ceilings (at least 3.2 m);
  • Conjoined environments;
  • Apparent support columns;
  • Absence of walls as an internal division;
  • exposed bricks;
  • Apparent hydraulic and electrical piping;
  • Absence of any ceiling or floor;
  • Natural lighting;
  • Use of cooler materials, ceramics, for example.

Where Do I Start To Decorate My Room?

The first step is to demarcate the boundaries of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, as this ensures the good use of space, especially if two people live in the loft, thus guaranteeing both privacy and a feeling of spaciousness. If the loft has a high ceiling, use the advantage to create a mezzanine, which removes the need for walls and optimizes space.

A nice tip is the choice of colors, such as beige, nude, or cream. For a different touch and add an air of modernity, use the suggestion of painting in darker colors to create a contractor. Gray, brown, green, and black are good options. Don’t miss out on objects that personalize the loft and leave space to your liking.

Among them are paintings (a great alternative to give life to the walls), flowers, pillows of your choice, photo murals, and lamps. The mirror trick will make the loft decoration expand, however, choose a model that follows the lines of the decorative elements you are already using. The important thing is to place them in strategic places, such as near windows, to also take advantage of natural light.

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