Benefits of a Brushed Finish on Metal Wall Plates

Metal wall plates are a great way to upgrade your home’s look. The small change from plastic to metal light switch plates can give your space a much classier, sophisticated look. But there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different options to choose from, with various materials, styles, and finishes in endless combinations. If you know you want metal, you still have a lot of choices to make. This article will show you the benefits of choosing a brushed finish for your wall plates, no matter which material and style you choose.

What Is Brushed Metal?

Exactly what does the brushed metal look like? A brushed finish involves polishing metal with a course belt or wheel to score the surface while still maintaining some of its metallic shine. This creates unidirectional, very fine lines on the surface and a matte finish that still has some luster to it. It’s most commonly seen in stainless steel, nickel, and aluminum.

Benefit #1: Hiding Damage

Now that you know what brushed metal looks like, it’s time to learn a little bit more about the benefits. The first benefit of this kind of finish is that it hides damage extremely well. Like a distressed finish on furniture, the scoring in the metal makes it extremely difficult to see any scratches or dings that might occur. While your light switch plates certainly aren’t going to take too much of a beating due to their location, damage can occasionally happen, but plates in this finish will hide it well.

Benefit #2: Hiding Fingerprints

While your light switch plates might not get a lot of scratches on them, there is one thing they’re bound to get on them quite a bit: fingerprints. Your fingers are naturally going to be all over those wall plates as you use your light switches (or fumble around for them in the dark). The fingerprint issue becomes a lot more serious when you have children in the house. Somehow, their fingers always seem to leave more marks than adult fingers, don’t they? While metals with a highly shiny finish will show these fingerprints and smudges easily, a brushed finish hides them extremely well.

Benefit #3: More Subtle Beauty

Many people wonder if switching to metal plates is going to give their space a weird, futuristic vibe or make it feel too industrial. While this is certainly a possibility with the wrong metal and finish, brushed metal isn’t going to make that happen. Brushed wall plates make for a more subtle look than something with a high shine, and they can work well with numerous design styles.

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