Metal roof maintenance do’s and don’ts

Metal roofing is a more resilient and studier alternative to the asphalt traditional shingles. Metal roofs laud to be maintenance-free, but it also requires upkeep, in general, to perform well. Here is a few metal roof maintenance dos and don’ts:

Metal Roofing Maintenance do’s

Gentle Washing

Spotting debris and stains on your metal roofs, calls you to give a gentle wash using a solvent cleaner and water. Rinse the leftover residue to avoid accumulation on the roof. Use sponges and soft cloths while cleaning as they are less abrasive. 

Gentle washing implies taking lighter cleaning solvents and water. Use a non-abrasive pad or soft-bristled brush to clean lighter stains and buildup. For tougher stains or buildup such as mold or algae, add ¼ cup of dish soap with bleach ¼ -cup in two gallons of water. It stays gentle even in tough areas.

 Remove Branches 

Metal roofing is sturdy but not scratch-proof entirely. Thus, removing twigs and branches from the roof is suggested. In this way, you can safeguard the metal roof’s protective film from scratching and ending in your gutters.

Regular pruning of branches and trees growing over or near your roof helps avoid damage due to debris and high winds. Maintaining a six feet at least distance is helpful.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection is a must so that there is no buildup and there are no permanent stains or abrasions. The inspection can be a few times a year. You may get a close inspection or try using binoculars.

A regular inspection gives you a chance to wash debris or dirt, touch up scratches or abrasions using a sealant or paint manufacturer-approved. However, even if you can do the maintenance, hire a professional team for in-depth inspection of your metal roofing and ensure proper maintenance.

Metal Roofing Maintenance Don’ts

Industrial solvents

Avoid industrial solvents as they are harsh. Also, avoid harsh powder-based cleaners to remove tough stains. It will rip off the paint and result in scratches. The industrial solvents may damage the roof film permanently. Avoid these cleaners to retain the roof sealant, color, and appearance.

Walk On the Roof

Metal roofing is strong, but that does not permit you to walk on the roof. Metal roof sturdiness is not for checking the strength of the metal. If you walk regularly, it will contribute to tearing and wearing or the roofing system. Your regular walking system may cause extended stress and cause dents if you are not careful in distributing your weight while walking.

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