Everything That Makes up For A CCTV Drain Survey

For the perfect upkeep and to sustain the condition of drains, it always pays to understand everything that goes inside your pipes. Guess the most outstanding and easy to undertake that task? A CCTV drain survey. Here we shall discuss how the survey works and the signs that are telling you to hire the service.

All About CCTV Drain Survey

To put it in simple words, a survey of drains is a thorough drainage system inspection with the help of advanced CCTV cameras that are installed inside your drains. These cameras for inspection of drains send us a live-report, thus helping you drain survey expert to get a good brief into the drains. This assists them a great deal in identifying problems that might be there inside the drains.

When Do You Need Book A CCTV Drain Survey Service?

An indispensable mechanism in a large number of conditions, CCTV surveys usually generates an accurate analysis of the present condition of your house’s drainage system and would offer you an in-depth of required repairs for the same. The survey offers an exclusive scope to the buyers in making a well-informed decision before agreeing to any sort of contract.

Homeowners might be required for a CCTV survey when they experience a persistent problem with their drainage. Surveys are capable of identifying the primary cause of the issues, so they are important if you are encountering drain related concerns but are clueless as to why.

Equipment Required in CCTV Drain Surveys

When you book the service of a CCTV drain survey, an engineer would pay a visit to your property with a vast array of ready-to-use equipment for their drainage survey.

  • Waterproof Cameras: These advanced cameras work under flowing water and even in the tightest of areas. They offer a briefing about your drains to the engineers, inclusive of spaces that is otherwise next to impossible to see.
  • Access Roads: These tools are needed to have the cameras pushed along the drainage system. The flexible tools help the cameras to rightly navigate extreme corners and tight turns.
  • Crawlers: The crawlers operated by remote are used to offer fast visual access to your drainage system. It even offers outstanding mobility even inside pipes that are obstructed.
  • Sonar Units: The sonar surveys are booked for pipes that are filled. It offers acoustic profiling to seek an in-depth into the drain condition where visual access is impossible.

To get a CCTV drain survey conducted and to maintain the condition of your drain, book the service of a professional company now. The professional services offer customized drain survey solutions according to your needs and budget. 

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