Tasks Involved in Cleaning the House During Winter

The wet and cold season not only ensures snow-covered, slippery, or wet roads and paths but also, depending on the season, of course, soiling of facades and windows as well as dirty shoes.

Cleaning of Entrance Areas and Stairwells

This is particularly noticeable in the area of ​​stairways and hallways. This is where particularly heavy soiling occurs on winter days, which is carried in with street shoes. These not only quickly look unkempt in the hallway but can also become a source of danger. Because the wetness ensures smooth floors and steps on which house residents could easily slip and fall.

Regular house cleaning is essential, especially on winter days with a lot of snow and moisture. Check the stairs and floors’ condition at least once a day and remove footprints and wet areas that are both visually unappealing and pose a high risk of slipping. If the dirt edges are removed, even stubborn salt residues or other grit that has been carried in have no chance of damaging the floor coverings.

Ensure that the street shoes can be properly worn on a suitable doormat or entry matting in the entrance area to remove even coarse soiling.

High-quality materials ensure that the dirt is not spread around the house but rather sticks to the doormat in large parts. This tip is only a relief; however, the actual cleaning must be carried out particularly consistently.

Warm water and detergent with a good mop can be used. However, it can be a real challenge, especially on particularly snowy days.

Cleaning Windows in Winter

Dirty winter weather is also noticeable on the windows. Streaks on the panes and residues of dirty water are not uncommon between November and March. Then it is high time to ensure a clear perspective again. But unlike in spring and summer, there are a few important rules to be observed here.

It is advisable only to clean the windows when the outside temperature is above freezing during the day. Because if it’s too cold outside, the cleaning water can quickly freeze on the window. Cleaning can quickly become torture. Particular attention when cleaning windows in winter is also on the window seals.

These should be carefully dried after treatment with water so that no ice forms in the areas that could damage the frame and seal. The rubber seals can also be treated with a suitable care product to prevent them from sticking together or porous areas.

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