Statue Placement in a Single Space or a Condo

If you do not have a spare room to devote to veneration, then you can still maintain a Buddha sculpture in a one-bedroom or condo. You can set up a little shelf high up on a wall where you can position tiny statuary. Referred to as a “Hing Phra” in the Thai language, this is commonly carried out in condos throughout jampacked Eastern cities. Commonly, Setting the Buddha shelf in a condo [การ ตั้ง หิ้ง พระ ใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai] include various amulets  or statues on them. The general technique amongst Buddhists is to put the “main” image of the Buddha, such as “ong prataarn,” a little elevated above the various other photos, either by placing that main picture on a tiny table or even on a floor, just so long as the main photo rises, also less than an inch, above the various other photos.

Putting Your Statuary in The Yard

Lots of people who are not Buddhists will acquire statuaries to embellish their yards. While we think you should at least try to discover the Religion prior to positioning a figure in your yard, by complying with the above-mentioned pointers, you will not be creating offense to Buddhists. Additionally, if you look at conventional statues, you will see that the Buddha is almost never seen touching the ground. Typically, the Enlightened One is illustrated standing or sitting upon a lotus. Because you will not be utilizing a wooden prayer table in your yard, it would still be suggested to set up a little location where you can boost the statuary, if also simply symbolically. One idea is to get a number of small stones of essentially the same shape. Develop a little mound upon which to position your sculpture. Occasionally, you might desire to burn three sticks of scent or location three flowers in the front of the statue as a symbol of respect as well as veneration.

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