When is it Safe to Begin Fire Restoration

Fires can be devastating. The trauma of being in the fire can’t be compared to any other trauma. If you were fortunate enough to be out of the vicinity while the fire was happening, there’s still the loss of precious property and the damage to your home to contend with. This is why people often call a fire restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona right away. It is not safe for anyone to do this without professional help. Before they start with the cleanup process, however, they assess the site first.


Before your fire restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona can start rehabilitating your home, they need to have the site assessed for safety first. They may need the help of other professionals to do this because re-entering the building can be dangerous. Among the things that need to be inspected first include the integrity of the building. They will also need to check the air quality. Special equipment will be used by the fire restoration team to make sure they do not inhale any harmful chemicals and pathogens caused by the fire.

Clean up

Once the integrity of the building is assured, the team can start the cleanup process. They will need to clean the area from soot and flood water. Water was used to put out the fire so it is expected that the building will also suffer from water damage. You may need to ask your fire restoration company, Scottsdale Arizona to check for water damages on the posts and the furniture that was affected in the fire.


Proper disposal may also be needed for furniture pieces affected by the fire. If getting the odors and stains out of them is impossible, or if keeping them would mean inviting mold growth in the home, then disposing of them is required. You may also need to replace posts and other parts of your home that are beyond repair.


Most parts of your home will need to be deeply dehumidified because of the water damage from putting out the fire. A fire restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona will have enough equipment for dehumidifying. Most of the time, dehumidifying can be done in a day, or a few days, but it really is largely dependent on how much water damage your home has suffered from because of the water used to put out the fire.

Repairs and restoration

Now comes the dirty work. Repairs and restorations after a fire can be grueling. Unless your home was razed to the ground, you will need to make sure that all the foundations of your home are intact (i.e. The posts and the walls). You will also need to check on the beams of the floors and the ceiling because they might have been affected by either the fire itself or the water that was used to put out the fire. This can be costly but a good fire restoration company, Scottsdale, Arizona should be able to assess the best course of action–whether they should save the scraps or replace whole beams altogether.

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