Here’s Why Drying Time Is Very Important After Carpet Cleaning

Carpets don’t only add aesthetics to a certain space — they also aid in protecting your flooring. As they take on a significant role, it is important to keep them clean. Carpet cleaning, Tallahassee is also essential in protecting yourself and your loved ones from health risks brought forth by the buildup of dust and the presence of mites.

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, drying time is of utmost importance. This article aims to explain why.

Knowing The 24-Hour Rule

Carpet cleaning, Tallahassee companies know how crucial drying time is. Specifically, this phase of the carpet cleaning should be completed in less than 24 hours; beyond this period, adverse effects can start taking place:

Microbial growth. Fibers that are still damp in over 24 hours will start attracting microbes, which in turn promotes the buildup of mold and mildew.

Increased health risks. The exposure to spores given off by mold can lead to health issues, including skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Creation of pungent odor. Damp carpets also give off a lingering foul odor that can be quite distracting and annoying.

Premature wear and tear. If a carpet is not completely dried and it is walked upon, its fibers can be compressed — causing your carpet to wear and tear more quickly than usual.

Tips and Tricks: How To Dry Your Carpets Properly

Now, the question is — how do you fast-track the drying time of your carpets? Here are some

Tips that you need to know:

Clean (and dry) your carpets during warmer months. As a general rule, you need a warm environment to effectively dry your carpets. As colder months have a higher level of humidity, it is not recommended to do the carpet cleaning during this period (especially if you don’t have cleaning and drying machines).

Create an airflow in the area where you’re drying your carpet. If you’re drying your carpet in a closed area, make sure to create an airflow by opening your windows. If you have windows that are placed opposite of one another, open one fully and the other one just slightly to create a stronger crosswind.

Make use of your fans and/or air conditioning unit. If you’ve got no other choice but to clean and dry your carpets during the rainy or snowy season, you can make drying time quicker by using your electric fan (a ceiling fan is handier as you can simply put your carpet underneath it). Though not highly recommended, you can also use your A/C unit as a last resort. Just keep in mind that as this will not help circulate the air as much as a fan can, it may not give a fresh environment.

Getting Help From Carpet Cleaning Experts

Drying time is indeed crucial in minimizing health risks and in prolonging the life of your carpets. While cleaning your carpets can be accomplished on your own, there’s a great advantage in hiring a carpet cleaning, Tallahassee company.

Carpet cleaning experts are experienced and more importantly, equipped with proper cleaning — and drying — facilities that make the whole process more cost-effective. They can also lend their knowledge and inspect and resolve other issues like removal of mold and mildew.

For carpet cleaning, Tallahassee, Extreme Carpet Care & Restoration is one of the most trusted teams today. contact us and will take away the headache in the equation while keeping your carpets smelling fresh and looking great!

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