Types Of Special Concrete

Every builder or person dedicated to the construction needs to have the complete and adequate knowledge to be the best in the work he performs. The special concrete is one of the elements that constitute the life of the builder in addition to being one of the least used or known terms, and this is due to the lack of the correct handling of the information. It is called special concrete to that adapted for the constructive fact. This so that elements such as additives or any other type of substance are added to alter the concrete positively.

There are different types of special concrete, all currently used by any construction company. They are used in specific areas, but experts know how to handle each of these procedures, among the best known we can find ready-mixed concrete, pumped concrete, cast concrete, injected concrete, light concrete, and heavy concrete. Still, you can also find roller-compacted concrete, fiber concrete, air-inclusive concrete, colored concrete, refractory concrete, and massive concrete, each with unique characteristics.

Cement Types

You may think that there is only one type of cement, but this is not the case. With the development of technologies and the search for something that offers better quality, low costs and less impact on your pocket and the environment, different types appear to provide a range of possibilities for your needs. Among the types of cement, it should be known that they are governed by their origin, which can be clay or pozzolanic. Among the best-known brands, we can find Portland cement, pozzolanic cement, steel cement, aluminous cement, and fast setting cement.

The sale of cement is one of the fundamental pillars of the construction companies, without the adequate cement the great works that today abound throughout the world could not be built, that is why the cement has escalated to a position of vital importance. Builders always prevent not running out of this construction material which is also used for making Hollow core slabs (แผ่นพื้น Hollow core ,which is the term in Thai)

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