Choosing the Right Countertop for Your Kitchen

If you like home improvement shows, then you’ve watched the quartz vs. granite debate a few times. Which one do you prefer? Why? Aside from these two, what other designs would you have liked? Here’s a list of countertops that you may choose from.

Quartz is made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, so it is very durable and also easy to clean. We also happen to know a few expert quartz countertops installers in San Clemente, CA. If you want a countertop that can complement your floors and walls, then marble countertops are a good option. They have various patterns and designs.

Countertops with built-in sinks are also starting to become a trend now.  They provide a different aesthetic away from the typical silver structures. If you are a nature lover or just want to help sustain the planet, try going for a recycled countertop. They are durable since they are made from materials like glass mixed with white cement. Lastly, concrete countertops are getting more attention because of their modern look.

For more information on these designs, here is an infographic by Best Kitchen Countertops. If you are from California, here are the best kitchen installers in San Clemente, CA.

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