Three Reasons to Install Snow Guards for Your Metal Roof


He’s got lots to do this year, and a roof with a built-in avalanche isn’t an advantageous situation for reindeers or sleighs. Because metal roofs are smoother than those with tiles, snow can compact more heavily on metal into thick sheets that slide off suddenly at the least provocation. If one of these were to dash away down to your frozen shrubbery Christmas Eve night, it could take Santa and the presents in tow. Additionally, if you’re more worried about your Christmas decorations than the jolly old elf himself, drift damage can devastate a carefully-situated holiday scene like nothing else. Both ice dams and an overwhelming amount of pressure on your home can cause severe damage to lights, inflatables, and wooden manger scenes.

Your family.

Snow guards (or brackets) break up the drifts that accumulate on metal roofs, so the avalanche-like ice dams aren’t able to form. With the preventative measures that these guards provide, you and your family will be safe from huge amounts of compacted ice sliding down. Highly-trained engineers like those working at TRA Snow and Sun even make guards with fun shapes, like pine trees and moose, so your family can put their personality into the useful safety measure. To protect your family from the unpredictable ice dams that metal roofs can create, install several guards before the next storm.


While the drifts are settling before an avalanche, the weight of the compacted ice can threaten your roof’s integrity. Metal roofs in particular are susceptible to cave-ins, where the metal bends or breaks under the weight of the drifts and the house is left seriously damaged. This is not only a costly and frustrating occurrence; if your family is still in the house when it happens, it can really be dangerous. It’s best to protect the house and yourself by keeping that kind of pressure out of the question. Since snow brackets allow drifts to slide off in smaller portions, no overwhelming weight threatens homes that have protective measures installed.

When you realize damage from the elements could impede Saint Nick, it’s time to look for protective guards in your area. TRA Snow and Sun is a company that sells guards for all different types of roofs. Their products will help save your home from damage and give the reindeer a smooth ride to your chimney. Be sure to visit TRA Snow and Sun’s website to order snow guards for your metal roof today.

TRA Snow and Sun is a company that sells snow guards for metal roofs . Their products will help save your home from damage.

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