Carpet cleaning service types available

The method to use to clean the carpet is likely to depend on various factors. It includes if you have children, pets at home and the amount of traffic experienced by the carpet. Also should be taken into account family members with allergies. Moreover, cleaning method used is to be perfectly compatible material used to construct the carpet. You always have the option to seek the servicer of the highly rated Oxford carpet cleaning services. Allowing them to clean your carpet will rather be a wise choice made. They will have all the essential knowledge and equipment to carry out the work with great perfection. You will be proud of the end results derived and are sure to earn praise from your visitors.

Carpet cleaning methods offered by professional companies

  • Dry cleaning: It is among the most preferred cleaning method. Drying is not necessary to walk on it. Special cleaning powder is used to cover the carpet that is designed exclusively to attract dirt similar to a magnet. After some time, the Oxford carpet cleaning professionals vacuum the carpet to remove the powder.
  • Carpet shampooing: This cleaning method uses special detergents that are applied on the carpet. Then a machine is used to agitate the detergent present on the carpet to loosen up the dirt. A vacuum cleaner is introduced to extract the loosened dirt after it has dried. The different detergents can be found to have brighteners and deodorizers. It makes the carpet to smell and appear fresh and super clean.
  • This particular technique is also called hot water extraction and is considered to be quite effective to clean dirty carpets. The knowledgeable Oxford carpet cleaning agents introduces a powerful machine using which a detergent solution is injected into the carpet. Also is injected hot water. As the mixture is applied on the carpet, the rotating brushes of the machine clean it. Thus, the dirt and microbes present get loosened and get sucked in the waste tank. It will leave the carpet fresh looking and also smell good. The machine is powerful enough to eliminate maximum soil and microbes possible. If you’re looking for a steam and sterilisation service in Singapore, finding professionals cleaning services is easy with Xpress Cleaning.
  • Foam cleaning: This particular cleaning technique is considered to be a cross between shampooing and dry cleaning. Minimal water amount is required for the job unlike shampooing. Foam detergent used attracts the dirt present. Once its job is done, the carpet is vacuumed to extract water, dirt and detergent.

You should hire an Oxford carpet cleaning company that is well-versed with all the above cleaning techniques.

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