The Difference In Buying A House Or A Condo

Maybe we have heard someone talk about who bought a condo and the several wonders it has, that it seems to you that his life is like honey on flakes, right? Sometimes, it makes you think about why not choose something like that, and live without worries. Well, let me tell you something, buying a condo is not something that seems easy.

But have you wondered how the purchase of a house differs from that of a condominium? First, each of its definitions must be clearly understood.

A condominium represents a separate property in parts either individually or as apartments for sale. Butwhat does it mean? It means that there will be areas of that condominium that you will share with other owners; these are the gym, lobby, its exterior of the building, corridors, swimming pool elevators.

On the other hand, a house is constructed to be a home for a family, as it is mostly known, and it is built either on one floor or two, in addition to having a basement and in some parts with a terrace.

Now, consider the following:


When buying a Condo Chatuchak (คอนโดจตุจักร, which is the term in Thai), remember that there are also more buyers, so there are rules, such as whether pets are allowed, the responsibilities of the home. Therefore, you have to check the document very carefully, as well as the penalties that exist when someone does not comply.


There are situations in which it is very difficult to get a mortgage for an apartment for a house, and its reason is the development of condominiums dependent on several owners who have agreed to their bills. What mortgage lenders do is analyze the apartment, its documents, and its association well.


Be clear that once your offer is accepted, the condominium association will ask you for an interview. Don’t worry; it’s not a judicial question. They have to check that you comply with all the established rules and, in the same way, you can ask any question about the condominium that is not clear to you. In this interview, you will have the opportunity to have a clear idea about the people with whom you will live.

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