Does Your Adapter Get Damaged And Looking For A New Plug?

In our busy lives, the charging of mobile plays a crucial role. If you have charged your mobile then you will feel free to use your phone without any problem. But the problem occurs when the USB Power Plug gets damaged. USB plugs (ราง ปลั๊กไฟ data, which is the term in Thai) now had become one of our necessity. Except, we can not be able to operate our mobile phone.

Why USB Plug Is So Important?

It is used to charge your mobile phone. But a new USB plug which is launched in the market is much better than previous ones.

At a time, you can charge 3 to 4 mobiles if you have USB. When you are traveling then Travel Adapters or USB Plugs will be very useful to you.  If there is only a plug point then you can easily charge mobiles by using it.

They have all in one facility. Not only mobiles but you can also charge your tablets. Most importantly, it can charge your phone faster and within a very short time, your device will get fully charged.

How to Use USB Plug?

  • First, you have to find a plug point with the sockets. If you are traveling, you can get the plug points anywhere.
  • Then you have to connect your USB plug with the USB cable. Before connecting check your cable, if you wrongly push your cable then your plug can be damaged.
  • Connect the other side with your mobile or with your tab.
  • The last thing is, you will have to switch on the electric board. After doing that it will be shown on your device screen where you can see the update.

International Travel adapter also works like USB Plugs. You can use it to get your phone charged. Here also you can charge multiple electronics like a mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. Here you will never have to search for plug points with the sockets. You can put it in two sockets also. As the weight of an International travel adapter is very low you can carry this when you are traveling and the size of it is also portable so it ready to use.

Travel Adapter Price (ปลั๊กไฟ มาตรฐาน ม อก, term in Thai) is a bit higher than the other adapters but affordable. So, you can buy it easily from an online store or a nearby shop. Nowadays, it’s in trend because of multiple benefits.

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