Make your living cozier with these tips

Your home is your castle and you want to make it the best with every practical commodity that you can afford. Most of the time, even without spending a fortune, you can achieve excellence.

Living rooms are our crash pads, before retiring to bed. The aesthetics and comfort level of a living room can make or break the concept of this room.

Here we look at some easy steps to make your living room more comfortable so you can spend more quality leisure time here.

  1. Neutral palette for curtains.

Among the most noticeable things a living room hosts, one of them is the curtain. Apart from the usual purpose of providing privacy and keeping sunlight at bay, curtains have a lot more to offer. It’s good to go for neutral palettes while purchasing curtains since they add necessary femininity and exude softness to the living room. Bold stark colors make a room appear bulky and gaudy.

  1. Comfortable couches.

 Couches or recliners are the next big thing. It’s crucial to invest in quality pieces that last you a lifetime.  Markets are flooded with several options but choose what suits best for your room especially for the right size keeping the dimensions of the room in mind.

  1. Scented candles.

Though small, these commodities hold special significance. Scented candles are great mood busters, choose your favorite fragrance and allow it to drift you to serenity and tranquility. Again, markets are flooded with infinite variations and you can choose what suits your mood and liking.

  1. Air humidifiers.

 Again, small in size but works magic for making your living room comfortable. The fall season has started which makes the air dry, void of any humidity. Here humidifiers come to the rescue. All you need to do is pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil, preferably one that works well with your lighted candles, and let the magic diffuse in your living room. Apart from keeping the air humid, it will impart a light fragrance that you will barely notice.

  1. Plush comfortable rugs.

Rugs are the game changes for every living room. Whether you chose to use them as a wall decorating item or make them the focal point of your living room, in any case, you cannot go wrong.  Placed on the floor, they turn into great leisure pieces, because who doesn’t love to rest tired sore feet in them. They are also good for kids and pets to roll and play too.

  1. Storage options.

The storage options in any room are vital in keeping the air clear. No one prefers a cluttered room with necessary and unnecessary stuff lying here and there. Therefore it is good to invest in storage solutions that look visually pleasing, don’t clash with the prevalent decor, and keep your room mess-free.

So here is the list, though it contains just a few basics, but it all depends on the functionality you prefer for yourself and your loved ones.


Infographic Provided by American Residential Services

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