How to choose Curtains for home?

After you get furniture, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes, you cannot ignore curtains. They are the most basic and important element of home decoration to give a tone to a specific place according to its specialty. These curtains can be light and breezy to substantial and ornamental. Solid colors and prints are also available in curtains. They are used to give a stylish touch to the interior design. They are basically installed to get a high degree of privacy and control over light. While choosing curtains following factors have to be kept in mind.

Fabric quality

The material of the fabric is important while choosing fabric for curtains. The curtains can be sheer lace to lightweight cotton. The curtains are of different materials such as heavy and lightweight velvet. You can choose one of these options keeping in mind how much light you want to let in. The mood or decor you want to develop can also make your mind make smarter choices. 

Fabric color

Your curtains must be of a color, which harmonizes with other furnishings. The shades of your walls and curtains must complement each other. Choose a color which helps you control light and get a degree of privacy in your room. Alternatively, if you are going to make them a focal point then, you have to pick a contrasting hue to the existing furnishings. 

Ideal measurements of Length and Width

Curtains are usually taken in floor length. You can select a moderate length, a few inches longer than window space. On the other hand, for kid’s rooms curtains can be chosen a couple of inches above the floor. Width must be measured carefully so that they look good when drawn back.

Selecting between Lined and Unlined curtains

When you have hung the curtain with a window, which is directly exposed to sun then, you need a protective lining. This lining can make it opaque, fade slower and last longer. Two layers of opaque and sheer on each other help you choose a good amount of privacy and light. But lining makes drapes heavy so you have to choose them wisely.

Maintenance Requirement

The curtains for home require more maintenance than other spaces. They need a wash after 3-6 months. Some can be washed in a machine while others need a professional hand wash or dry clean.  If you are looking for fabric which needs low maintenance then buy cotton and synthetic fibers. These curtains need washing twice a year. They can be washed in machines as well as quick to wash by hands. These curtains are a good option for those who are dust allergic or for kids and pets at home. The curtains which are pleated need dry clean regardless of fabric type and quality. Silk, wool and sheer curtains must be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water so that the colors cannot be faded.

Within Your Pocket Range

The curtains you are choosing must be within your pocket range otherwise it is not possible for you to choose a better style and design.

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