5 renovation ideas to boost the condo selling price

Condo interior design are excellent, especially if you think about how much it will increase their selling price. But if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll feel like this small space is hard to improve. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll discover our condo designers’ advice on five renovation ideas to boost a condo’s selling price. Let’s see which are the best and cost-effective solutions you have at hand!

#1 Change the flooring treatment

Most condos come with a pre-installed wall-to-wall carpet. Of course, this is excellent for decreasing noise pollution, but it can look outdated and dull. And most prospective buyers look forward to purchasing a condo with hardwood flooring. So, the first thing you can do to increase a condo’s value is to update the flooring. You can opt for hardwood, or you can choose engineered wood. But no matter what you prefer, make sure you get rid of the carpet flooring!

#2 Update kitchen appliances

Most prospective buyers will have a budget for purchasing a condo, but not one for condo renovations. And this includes kitchen appliances. So, if you aim to boost a condo’s selling price, you should consider investing in some new kitchen appliances. For example, getting a new fridge, stove, and dishwasher designed from stainless-steel can add up to both value and style.

#3 Remodel the kitchen

A kitchen represents a central point, and it should be a priority in your condo renovation project. So, make sure you remove bulky furniture and use some functional storage units. Changing the countertop, adding some shelves on the wall, and allowing plenty of light in the kitchen can immediately increase a condo’s value.

#4 Add some built-in storage solutions

The best way to maximize the space in a condo is by adding built-in shelves and pull-out drawers. You can also always add in your condo renovation some smart storage solutions, such as a king bed with storage space underneath.

#5 Repair doors and change fixtures

Doors can decrease a condo’s value and can make you lose serious money. But did you know that you can completely change their appearance with some small improvements? Well, changing the doorknob, making sure the door is easy to maneuver, and oiling the hinges can add up to your condo’s value. Of course, if your doors are too damage, it is always best to add new doors to your condo.


These are our five renovation ideas to boost a condo’s selling price. Our interior designers say that condos are so versatile that you can perform any condo renovation idea you have in mind. The secret is to avoid cluttering the space and add plenty of lights for the ultimate stylish effect. For more inspiration on condo interior designs that can boost your condo’s selling price, you can check out the condo projects from Space Factor.

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