Windows are important fixtures in the home and they play pertinent roles in bolstering security, improving curb appeal and accentuating the unique features of your home. When properly leveraged, windows can transform the entire look of your home and can easily do otherwise when left unattended. 

While your windows may not be able to express themselves, they provide tell-tale signs that help you know it’s time to have them replaced. Listed below are 5 signs that will tell you when it’s time to replace your windows;


When you have an energy inefficient window, consistently high energy bills are inevitable. Single paned windows transfer heat from inside your home to the environment which causes your heating system to do extra work in other to compensate for the lost heat. This effect reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system which overall causes an increase in your energy bill. Once your notice your energy bill are consistently on the rise, you should look to get a window replacement immediately. 


One of the biggest sign that you need window replacement in your home are decaying frames and leaky windows. When excess moisture gets into your window frames, mold start growing on them. The activities of these organisms can quickly cause your window frame to decay and deteriorate. This would also eventually cause them to become leaky. 


Once your window is no longer soundproof, you can wave goodbye to the peace and quiet you once enjoyed in your home. This can be quite frustrating especially if you live in a busy neighborhood or beside the road. If noise from the environment is getting into your home even while your windows are shut, you should look to get a window replacement immediately. 


Opening and closing your window shouldn’t be a daunting task. Your windows should operate as smoothly as possible for your uttermost ease and comfort. Rusted hinges, broken locks and warped frames are the primary causes of inefficient window operation. Once you notice your windows are becoming difficult to operate, call a window experts to repair or completely replace them. 


Condensation buildup on your windows doesn’t necessarily mean they are faulty. Depending on where the condensation forms, it could either mean your windows are very efficient or not. If you have a double-paned window and you notice condensation build up between the two panes, this only mean your window has lost its insulating property and it’s no longer energy efficient. Once you notice this, you should contact a window expert for window replacement as soon as possible. 

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