5 most expensive place to buy property in Uruguay

If you haven’t yet thought about purchasing some property in Uruguay, now’s the time to start thinking. It’s not the primary country most will think about for property purchases, but over the years it’s developed significantly – enough to the point where by this moment in time, we can refer to certain areas of it as notably expensive. These are some of the better developed areas, and most, you’ll find, are in the capital city of Montevideo. With that in mind, here are the 5 most expensive places to buy property in Uruguay.

  1. Buceo

Buceo makes for the first listing as it’s renowned as one of the least expensive places in all of Montevideo to buy property and housing. This doesn’t make it cheap, however. It’s a beautiful part of the town, brimming with cafes and unmissable restaurants that offer some fine local foods. For this, you’ll find the prices fairly high, averaging at about 7,878,855 Uruguayan Peso ($185,172) per property.

  1. Malvin

Malvin is one of the many residential neighbourhoods found in the capital, and it was actually named after its most popular beach. It’s popular both as a seaside leisure centre and as a residential area, sparing some of the most beautiful sights and views, as well as high-quality housing. The average pricing for property here is at around 8,031,818 Uruguayan Pesos ($188,767) per property.

  1. Punta Carretas

One of the most beautiful areas in Montevideo and among the priciest places in which you can buy property in all of Uruguay is Punta Carretas. This is one of more upscale districts in the capital, as well as a coastal one, meaning it’s relatively close to some of the finer beaches and seaside entertainments opportunities in the city. Most of them found along the highly popular waterfront promenade – the Rambla Gandhi. In this district, the average property pricing is at about 8,915,473 Uruguayan Pesos ($209,535) per housing property.

  1. Punta Gorda

Home to a waterfront parked named Plaza de la Armada, along with plenty of other great attractions that spark interest in tourists and locals alike (such as the La Mulata and Verde beaches), Punta Gorda makes it as the second most expensive area in which to buy property on this list. In this residential area, the average property pricing rounds at about 9,135,195 Uruguayan Pesos ($214,699) per property for a quick sale.

  1. Carrasco

This is renowned as Montevideo’s most exclusive suburb, as well as the most expensive place to buy property in all of Uruguay. At its core, this beachside, gorgeous promenade hosts a large selection of restaurants and clubs, as well as some very luxurious hotel venues. This is only one of the reasons for which you’ll find it to be among the most expensive of places in all of the country to buy property – it’s high-end, and extremely well-developed. The average pricing of property here will be at about 9,573,363 Uruguayan Pesos ($224,997) per piece of property or housing.

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