4 DIY AC maintenance tips during quarantine

When you want to make sure that you are keeping your AC in the best condition, you need to make sure that you have used all four of the tips that you find below. The best thing to do is to work with someone who can help you do these things, and you can take care of the AC if you cannot get someone out to the house. Each tip is easy to manage, and you should also remember that most people who are doing these things are novices. This does not need to that complicated.

  1. Find A Place To Buy Parts

You can go to a place like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse when you would like to get the parts you need at a good price. You do not want to run out of parts, and you do not want to wait while you are buying online. You can go into the store to get the things that you need, and you can also ask the people in the store if they can help you. They can tell you what they would do if they were in your position, and they can use their expertise to explain how they would make the right choices for you.

  1. Check The Breakers

You should check your breakers to make sure that they have not been tripped. You can turn off the breakers and turn them back on. You might also have the separate breaker for the AC even though it is in a zone that has—its own breakers. You should turn them both off so that you can reset the power to that zone. You can turn them on when you are ready to check the device again, and that might make it that much easier for you to keep the units in good condition.

  1. Clean The Condenser

You can hose down a condenser. Why? It rains on it all the time, and you never think about it. Snow piles up on the condenser, and it still works. You can hose it down to keep it in good condition. If you have a much bigger one, you can remove the shell to check the blades.

  1. Check The Thermostat

You need to check the thermostat to make sure that it works. You might just need new batteries, and you can go through all these steps very quickly to make sure the AC works.

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