Tips To Avoid Blockages In The Pipes

Every day, plumbing services receive notices from several people who have suffered some blockage in the pipes of their building and need urgent repair. Professional emergency plumbing services are used to performing all kinds of pipe cleaning services caused by pipeline jams, among others.

On many occasions, these problems arise because of misuse. However, by following these tips below, you can avoid most clogs and have complicated repairs.

  1. No Spillage In The Pipes

Pouring products other than water downpipes can cause many types of blockages. Products such as food debris, hair, or oil can accumulate in our pipes, preventing the passage of water.

When a big jam occurs, and the water tries to circulate with a lot of pressure, water leaks can even happen caused by the appearance of breaks. Hence, it is important to avoid pouring anything other than water into your pipes.

  1. Monitor The Drainage Speed Of Your Pipe

If, when pouring water into the kitchen sink, the water becomes stagnant and takes a while to be sucked, you should be careful. This is a symptom of impasse, so you must do something to fix it and prevent the situation from getting worse.

In these cases, it is recommended to look at the drain tube. It is probably dirty or clogged. Cleaning can reverse this situation and prevent further breakdown.

  1. Clean Your Pipes From Time To Time

The drain pipe is not the only element of your installation that you should clean from time to time. The pipes themselves will also need cleaning.

For this, you can use boiling water. If you pour boiling water through your pipes, you will soften the remains that have been stored. In this way, they will be able to circulate through the pipeline more quickly and exit the circuit.

  1. Do Not Use Chemicals

It is very important to try not to pour chemicals through our pipes. Depending on the type of product, damage to the pipeline may occur. They can be corrosive and even cause pipe breaks if we persist in it.

For example, products like bleach should be poured down the toilet instead of being thrown through kitchen pipes.


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