2 Factors To Consider While Determining The Right Size of Dumpster Rentals Phoenix

Why Hiring Smaller Dumpster is Not a Good Idea?

When you have started a home remodeling project, you must remember that once the project is over, there will be a huge pile of leftover construction materials and debris comprising of the concrete, cement, and other such materials. Now, if you don’t plan the removal in advance, the debris will remain as junk and ruin the beauty of the house. If you can hire the Dumpster Rentals Phoenix in advance, the construction workers can directly sump the debris in the container only. It will be there in your driveway as long as the work is going on. After the entire loading pf debris is over, the service provider will come and haul the container away. 

Nature of the debris

But before you hire the dumpster, you have to know what types of debris will be there. You can consult with the builder who is going to do the renovation work. Or you can directly discuss the matter with the dumpster provider who has thorough knowledge about the types of debris generated from such a home remodeling project. The person can guide you in selecting the right container. It depends on whether you will toss away some household junk or the construction debris. Some companies even provide special containers for disposing of the concrete.

Volume of debris

The second factor that is critical for the selection of the dumpster is the volume of the debris that will accumulate. If you consider the rule of thumb in such cases, you have to calculate one cubic yard of the debris as five to six bags of 13 gallon capacity of trash holding. Provide this calculation to the dumpster company, and they will find out the necessary dimensions of the container that will be enough to fit the debris. The container size selection must be accurate. 

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