Winter Home Maintenance That Will Increase ROI in San Diego, CA

How to Prepare Your California Home for Winter: Interior Maintenance |  Diamond Certified

It’s a good idea to begin home repairs in the winter. Here are some excellent housekeeping tasks that increase ROI in San Diego, CA.

People often think that summer is the best time to start home maintenance, but that’s not the case whatsoever. Doing home maintenance in the winter has some benefits you can’t get in the summer, especially if you want to hire a top real estate agent in San Diego, CA for a quick sale. This time of year is when many contractors experience a lull in their workload, so it’s likely you could get a great deal on materials and labor. 

If you’re trying to appeal to a large group of people or house-buying companies in California, here are some home maintenance tasks you’ll want to take on this winter. 

Trim Trees

The winter season may be quite stressful for trees and plants. While wandering around the yard, keep an eye out for potential trouble spots like decaying branches or trees that are bending in an hazardous direction. Consider calling a landscaper or even an arborist if there are large trees near the house or electric lines that will need to be trimmed or removed since they would not survive the winter. If you don’t, a storm could cause structural damage to your property or cause injuries from falling branches or trees.

Clear Gutters

Branches that hang over your home can cause your gutters to become blocked with leaves and debris. Even if you have evergreen trees that won’t lose their leaves can create debris during a windstorm. The easiest way to unblock your gutters is to use a small rake or even gloved hands. However, if climbing a tall ladder makes you uneasy, you could call a handyman to do the task for you. Cleaning your gutters is important because if it rains hard enough and your gutters are clogged, the water won’t flow properly and might cause flooding, siding, and foundation damage.

HVAC Preventative Care

Experts in heating and cooling often recommend getting your furnace inspected annually, especially before the first snowfall. Most manufacturers and professionals recommend having your furnace checked annually. A technician may perform preventative maintenance and check for safety hazards, preventing a breakdown during a severe cold front when a service call could take days.

Seal Drafts

If you’ve recently paid to have your furnace examined, you probably don’t want to see your hard-earned cash go up in smoke every time you turn up the heat. Cracks in the seam sealer around your windows, drafts under your doors, and holes in the insulation surrounding your pipes might all be letting warm air escape from your home. There are many small ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, but wall insulation is still crucial.

Install Smart Thermostat

Technology has affected many features of our homes and appliances, perhaps most noticeably programmable thermostats. With this winter maintenance task, homeowners may fine-tune their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to achieve their ideal indoor climate. A variety of programmable features, such as remote temperature control for some thermostats, will improve your quality of life and help you save money.

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