Why Fitted Bedsheets Are The Perfect One For Children’s Bedrooms

A bedsheet is a large piece of fabric that is cut and stitched so that it fits the mattress. The primary purpose of the bed sheets is to protect the mattress, give a smooth surface to sleep on and create a comfortable sleeping environment. But often, when you enter your kids’ bedroom in the morning you would find it crumpled and messy. To prevent this from happening choose a fitted bedsheet online from Wakefit. Read below to know why fitted bed sheets are the perfect choice for your children’s bedroom or even your bedroom.

What is a Fitted Bed Sheet?

Fitted bedsheets are a type of bedsheet that comes with elasticized edges. When used on a mattress it snugly hugs the mattress and stays put even when your baby squirms all over the bed. The fitted bedsheet does not get dislodged easily due to the round elastic on the edges which ensures that secure hold.

Flat v/s Fitted bedsheet

Flat sheets as the name indicate is a rectangular, flat piece of cloth that lies on the surface. These are also called top sheets and placed on the top of the mattress but below the blankets and duvets. This ensures the other bedding does not become dirty.

The fitted sheets on the other hand are called bottom sheets and have corners with elastics. That means the sheets fit snugly on the mattress.

If you dislike making a bed that involves too much folding or tucking the corners of your flat sheet or do not like the mess created every morning, choose fitted bedsheets. This is especially useful in your kids’ bedroom.

Advantages of using Fitted Bed Sheets for Kids Bedroom

A neat bed makes the room more inviting and to make it look tidy having the right bedding is important. The fitted bed sheet is one such thing and it offers the following advantages:

  • Comfort: It is the foremost priority when it comes to sleep. A crumpled bed that is not arranged properly can make even kids not want to sleep on them. On the other hand, a well-arranged sheet gives a nice feeling and makes you want to use it. Fitted sheets on a kids bed are great as it reduces the risk of falling when in deep sleep due to uneven surface.
  • Saves time: People these days do not have the time to make a bed as they have a busy routine. Having fitted bed sheets means that you spend less time arranging your bed. You do not have to adjust the corners like in the flat sheet as it is already fitted according to the mattress size.
  • Protects the mattress: A fitted mattress provides better protection from normal wear and tear when compared to flat sheets. Body fluids, food, liquid spills are some of the common occurrences on a kid’s bed. Fitted bed sheets prevent all this as it snugly fits the mattress and does not allow it to trickle to the surface of the mattress.
  • Smooth sleeping surface: Fitted sheets sit snugly on the mattress and that means it does not get dislodged easily. Even kids who move around the bed the whole night will be unable to move it. That means there is no crumpling of sheets and a smooth and even surface for a great night’s sleep.
  • Is easy to place and remove: For all the advantages it provides for the snug fit on your mattress, it can be easily removed. On a laundry day, all you have to do is pluck the corners, remove the sheet. It is way easier than removing all those layered bulky bedsheets. This is especially useful in kids’ bedrooms where frequent cleaning is needed for accidents. Additionally, the fitted bed sheets can be machine washed. So no costly laundry bills or trips to the dry-cleaner, they can be washed right at home.
  • It is noiseless: Some flat sheets make a lot of noise and are not kid-friendly. Kids can wake up in the middle of the night due to the noise of those sheets. Fitted bed sheets are noiseless as they are made from a soft material so even the most restless baby will not wake up due to noisy sheets.
  • Hypoallergenic: Kids’ bedsheets should be hypoallergenic as they tend to catch allergies quickly. Also, bacteria and other allergens can get accumulated on them as they tend to spend more hours sleeping on them. When you cover the mattress with hypoallergenic bed sheets, it ensures that the kids don’t fall sick due to these allergens.
  • It is durable: Durability depends not just on the bedsheet price but also the quality of the fabric. Like the flat bedsheets the fitted bed sheets too are highly durable provided it is made of good quality material. If the sheets are brought from high-quality manufacturers, the colour does not fade despite many washes. So when purchasing make sure to buy from the best.

Tips to Choose a Good Fitted Bed Sheets for Kids Bedroom

Choose the right fabric: The fitted bedsheets like the other sheets come in many different fabrics. But the best choice is cotton as it is soft on the skin and is a natural fabric too. It is extremely breathable so it gets neither too hot nor too cold. Also, it is a light fabric so there are fewer wrinkles and crumpling.

  • The right size: The sheets should be of the same size as the mattress to get their benefits. It also makes for easy placing, removing and less need to remove wrinkles.
  • Quality: Kids’ skin is sensitive and delicate and hence chooses quality bedding to be safe for their skin.
  • Care and maintenance: Bed Sheets can get dirty quickly, so check if the sheets you purchase can be cared for easily by a quick machine wash.
  • Colours: Kids like everything to be colourful, indulge them with colourful sheets instead of boring colours. A colourful printed bedsheet can also hide stains easily so a better option than whites!

Parents want only the best for their children. So why compromise on their bedding? A good quality elastic fitted bed sheets for their beds ensure that they get a sound sleep. It is comfortable for the kids and the parents as it offers many benefits that flat sheets do not offer.




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