Which home improvements add the most value?

Like other assets, homes require regular maintenance and facelifts to increase functionality, aesthetics, safety, and value. As a homeowner, knowing ways to improve your home value will enable you to plan your home improvement projects properly and increase your home value.

Several home improvements add high value to the home; here are those with the most value. If you are looking for ways to improve your home value, read the tips below:

1. Windows and Doors

The significance of windows and doors cannot be underestimated. Replacing your windows and doors will undoubtedly improve the curb appeal of the home, enhance energy efficiency, resonate with modern and improved architecture and look, and increase security. Houses with new windows and doors usually experience an increase in their value. It is proven that windows and doors replacement is one of the home improvements that add the most value.

2. Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is another home improvement that adds the most value. The kitchen is the hub that brings everyone together in the house. As a result, its appearance, functionality, and comfort significantly impact the value of a home. Reface or refinish the kitchen cabinet, change the faucets, upgrade electrical appliances to energy-efficient models, and replace its windows.

3. Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling your bathroom will not only transform the bathroom ambiance but also add more value to your home. Consider installing a walk-in shower, replacing the sink, changing the light switches. Besides, updating the toilet, counters, and tiles will increase the home value.

4. Painting

Painting a home brings out all the highlights of the home architecture and boosts its aesthetics. Although painting is considered to offer aesthetics value to a home, it also protects the house against harsh elements. In the long run, the value of the property increases due to fresh coats of paint.

5. Upgrade/Replace Garage Door

Any automobile owner desires to keep it safe from danger and accident and meet one of the conditions required by insurance companies. As a result, homes with a garage are appreciated. Meanwhile, replacing or upgrading the garage door will increase the property’s value by more than 50%.


Replacing windows and doors and other home improvements above are ways to improve your home value. The projects add the most value to a home. Also, the overall value of a building will be enhanced by the above projects.

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