When Should You Begin Preparations For Your Big Move

Moving to a new place naturally brings forth a wide range of emotions. Amid all these feelings, it is important to keep your focus because one thing’s for sure: Excellent planning is required to ensure your big move is as smooth as possible.

From packing your stuff to renting our moving pods, you will be dealing with a lot of items on your checklist. In this article, we’re giving you a comprehensive timeline to do your preparations for your moving day.

Two Months Before The Big Move

First and foremost, you should settle down if you’re hiring a moving company or you’re moving away on your own. If it’s a long-distance move and you have tons of things to transport, it is advised to hire expert movers.

When looking for moving companies, check out their reputation and range of services offered (there are firms who offer moving pods and other storage solutions to help you keep your stuff protected while waiting for the moving day).

This also when you should inform all the concerned people about your big move — from your landlord, employer, and utility providers.

Most importantly, you should start taking an inventory of your belongings and meticulously plan how you’re going to pack them.

A Month Before The Big Move

Now that you’re only a month away from your moving day, you now have to gather the packing materials you would need so you can start packing your stuff.

When packing, it’s important to keep items of the same category in one box and label each box accordingly. For instance, your kitchenware should be in one box, with each fragile item wrapped carefully and the whole box labeled “fragile.”

You should allot one or two separate boxes for your essentials. This will help you access them easily while awaiting your big move.

Two Weeks Before The Big Move

When this time arrives, you have to follow up with your moving company to ensure that your plans will be carried out efficiently. You can also consult with them how you can safely transport fragile items which can include artworks and other decorative pieces.

This is also the time when you should start consuming your remaining food supplies. You should also start spending quality time with neighbors, friends, and colleagues you will have a hard time meeting once you move into a new place.

A Week Before The Big Move

Seven days prior to your moving day, you should also start disassembling bulky furniture like beds and cabinets with the help of your moving company, and temporarily keep them in moving pods.

As your packing marathon should be ending during this time around, remember to prepare a “first night bag” that contains basic items like toiletries and clothes. Expect that your moving day will be hectic; this will help you settle down more conveniently on your first night without having to unpack all your stuff.

You should also settle down any pending bills and payables.

A Day Before The Big Move

Get in touch with your moving company to double-check the details of your big move. Safeguard important documents, review your checklist and more importantly, get a good rest because the next day will surely be a long one.

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