What trends exist to remodel my bathroom?

The new proposals in Bathroom remodeling Wilmington NC suggest turning this environment into a place that provides an incredible relaxation experience in small spaces. Bathroom decoration could be a real challenge, even more so if you want to maintain order and comfort, which is why we offer you these tips that will be of great use to you

What trends exist to remodel my bathroom?

Before establishing a budget to remodel your bathroom and scheduling the implementation, it is important that you know the latest trends to renovate this home environment.

Shower columns take up less space:

By replacing the bathtubs with shower columns, it is possible to occupy less space in this environment while planning for Bathroom remodeling Wilmington NC. It should be noted that some models of shower columns also have different styles of water jets and hydro massage therapy, just like bathtubs.

Shower cabins generate sensations of spaciousness:

Using transparent shower cabins, instead of traditional curtains, not only expands the visual space of the bathroom but also prevents water seepage into the rest of the environment more effectively.

The sophisticated faucet contributes to the decoration:

The taps in the bathrooms are elements that also fulfill an aesthetic function. Therefore, the current style is prioritizing simple lines in its forms, breaking the mold of traditional taps.

Vanity cabinets ideal for storage:

Lack of storage space is always a problem in small home environments. For this reason, vanity units with greater storage capacity or that include more drawers are being chosen.

Incorporation of natural wood in the bathroom:

Coatings that imitate the texture of wood have gained much acceptance in the world of decoration. A riskier trend recommends opting for natural wood on some bathroom walls, to bring the natural warmth of wood to a traditionally cold space.

Overlapping sinks provide aesthetics:

Overmount sinks have regained the boom they once had in the past. By protruding and resting directly on the countertop of the bathroom furniture, they capture all our attention and also become a decorative element.

Integrate bathroom and bedroom in a single environment:

Another trend in Bathroom remodeling Wilmington NC is to integrate the bedroom space with the bathroom. The only drawback of this recommendation is that it can only be applied in really large spaces, but the results are fabulous.


Including or excluding an accessory in the bathroom could influence the classification, creating a wide range of styles.

Take all of these points into the consideration if you are planning for Bathroom remodeling Wilmington NC.

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