What To Do With Your Wet Walls After Flooding

In any case that your house is damaged by water, you have to immediately resolve the issue. If your area has been recently hit by a hurricane, you must seek help from a company that offers flood damage repair, Cudahy, Wisconsin. This is crucial to prevent more serious concerns from taking place like mold growth and weakened structural integrity.

In this article, we’re particularly giving attention to your property’s walls — and what should be done with them after flooding.

What You Can Do

The walls are vital in keeping the soundness of your house’s structure. Before your flood damage repair, Cudahy, Wisconsin arrives, here’s what you can do on your own after your walls have been wet by flooding.

Ensure proper ventilation. You can do this by keeping your windows and doors open. This will help lower the level of moisture inside your home. Too much moisture will encourage the growth of mold and bacteria.

Remove anything that hangs on the flood-damaged walls. From paintings to photos to other decorative pieces, it’s important to remove anything that hangs on your walls. This is to help speed up the drying process.

Remove moldings, baseboards, and wallpapers. These moldings, baseboards, and wallpapers — when not removed — can trap the water in your walls. This will make it difficult for any repair expert to completely remove water and moisture from your walls. If you’re not confident about removing moldings and the likes by yourself, you can choose to leave it to the hands of the pro.

Make use of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers speed up the drying process when the humidity level outside your property is too high. If you don’t have at your home, you can rent out commercially available ones — or wait for the repair specialists to arrive.

What You Should Leave To The Pros

Water damages are a tricky issue. While there are things you can do on your own, it is still best to hire an expert in flood damage repair, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Below we’ve listed what these repair pros can do to ensure your flood-damaged walls are properly restored.

Complete drying out of the walls. Repair experts are equipped with high-powered fans and other equipment to get rid of the water off your wet walls.

Removal of mold. Apart from removing the water itself, they will also examine if there’s already mold growth. They will take action and remove these microorganisms, which can cause major health setbacks especially if you or your loved ones have pre-existing respiratory illnesses.

Inspection of the walls’ structural integrity. As mentioned, the walls are important in keeping the good condition of your house’s overall structure. If they’re damaged by flood, you need to ensure that they’re properly restored and free of water and moisture. If you have any moldings or baseboards or wallpapers removed, they can also help you get them back to their places.

Getting rid of any unpleasant odor. Flood damages often leave an unwanted odor in the affected property. When you hire a water damage pro, you’ll benefit from their expertise in getting rid of such smell.

Our team of experts at ERS is always ready to help you with flood damage repair, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Contact us today and we’ll take out the headache in your home or business restoration equation.

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