What is rattan furniture? Buy Wicker furniture online

Not just rattan bags, a rattan furniture set is another trendy item that should be on your list while visiting Bali. They’re exquisitely handmade and can be discovered in different shapes and dimensions.

Rattan is similar to bamboo and can be transformed into many different forms and shapes, which makes it a popular choice in wicker furniture online.

Rattan has been in and out over the years, serving both indoor and outdoor furniture sets. Items manufactured from this natural element offer homes a smooth relaxed vibe–and who wouldn’t want that! Right?

From hanging chairs to garden furniture to rattan furniture indoors, there are dozens of options to customize, making it a popular choice for interior lovers today.

Let’s dive into the article to know what is rattan furniture and how to style an area with a rattan furniture set!

What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan is a fibrous climbing vine woven together to design furniture. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, rattan furniture is being used widely, especially during the summer months. With over 600 distinct species, rattan is a tough stringy vine that is like bamboo.

The hard kernel of rattan together with upright grains is collected, and is split into tinier segments, and is usually steamed to yield diverse forms.

Does Rattan Furniture last?

While the sun, rain, and other weather changes can damage the natural rattan, synthetic rattan tends to be water-proof and a great choice for outdoor furniture. The artificial garden rattan furniture set is UV resistant and isn’t easily destroyed. With synthetic rattan furniture, you could be looking at a good 10 – 20 year run.

What’s better: Rattan or Wicker?

Well, a lot of individuals prefer wicker furniture online. Rattan furniture is lightweight, durable, and stylish and a popular garden set. Another popular choice is wicker furniture indoors. The only difference is that wicker furniture can be formed of different types of material.

Which Type of Rattan is Best?

PE or HDPE varieties of rattan are a popular choice among craftsmen as they are created using an eco-friendly manufacturing process. These two varieties are recyclable, weather-proof, and more intricate than PU or PVC.

Is Rattan Furniture Expensive?

Wicker material makes the furniture a little expensive. Resin or all-weather furniture is tough, long-lasting, and water-proof, weaved with resin fibers to make it thick and durable.

What makes Rattan so Popular?

Rattan is popular mostly because of how it looks. The feel and the looks make it a favorable choice for indoors as well as outdoors. Guaranteed to watch on-trend for years to come, rattan is a style furniture piece that effortlessly adds a feeling of sophistication and elegance to any space.

Apart from being stylish, rattan is durable and strong and is not heavy furniture, making it easier to move around and play with. It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors settings and has a lot of eco-friendly perks.

How to Style Rattan Furniture?

Styling a rattan furniture set is quick and simple. With already engraved designs, there’s nothing to add to the set. However, there are a few ways to add that extra oomph to the set.

  1. Add colorful cushions. Accentuate the space with plants, plush rugs, and accessories in the living area to present a cozy ambiance.

  1. Plenty of plants and botanical prints add a touch of homely vibes to the rattan furniture set. Metallic accents and mid-century furniture add an eclectic effect.

  1. Rattan weaved containers and baskets are an excellent storage option as well as can amplify any space.

  1. A fresh coat of color can transform the entire space. You should never discard the elegant rattan furniture even when you’re redecorating and add a fresh enamel paint of enamel.

How to Look After Rattan Furniture?

The care and protection aren’t a tough task, however, you need to look after the furniture well to make it last longer. Also, natural rattan requires more care as compared to synthetic ones.

  1. Shield it from the sun and the rain. Natural rattan is prone to mold and could get wet due to moisture content in the air, hence, it’s advised to keep it indoors or under the shed outside.

  1. Gently wipe the furniture with mild soapy water and to clean and dry one could use a brush. Natural rattan is easily moldable, thus requiring more attention.

  1. Use a case to cover and shield the furniture, especially the one kept outside. Cover will ensure there is less clean-up required after sudden rain or storm.

To sum up, rattan is commonly utilized to craft furniture because it’s flexible. Smoothly arched or twisted and woven collectively, Rattan offers high-quality and durable outdoor and indoor furniture options. And the best part, it is more cost-effective than any other furniture type.

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