What Are The Benefits Of Converting Your Garage Into An ADU?

Find Out The 7 Crucial Benefits You Get When You Convert Your Garage Into An ADU

The ever-expanding population of US metropolitan areas is forcing the authorities to juggle around with different city planning ideas. In areas of the US where affordable housing is not readily available, the benefits of converting a garage into an accessory dwelling unit are becoming significant.

The State of California reports that the issue of affordable housing and population density led to a change in the laws governing the conversion of garages to ADUs. Taking an existing structure and converting it into an ADU is recommended and has been made easy by state governments from coast to coast.

The benefits of converting your garage into an ADU are:

  1. Saves money

Over the last century, the use of an ADU on the existing property has grown in popularity. The names granny flat, cottage, and many others have been used to describe these structures. A garage conversion is a popular way to create an ADU on a property. State Governments are changing the rules regarding the construction of ADUs to facilitate their development in metropolitan areas.

 A professional will be able to inspect your garage and determine for you if it meets local ADU building code requirements. If a garage is found to be eligible, the walls and roof will remain in place to reduce your cost of construction.

  1. Provides independence to a family member

Aging relatives can be a problem when their housing issues become a factor. The development of an ADU on the property of a family member is recommended for several reasons. Deciding to place an elderly relative in a care facility leads to a loss of self-confidence and increased concern about aging, reports Senior Advice.

Choosing to convert a garage into an ADU is a proven method of providing care for an elderly relative without losing their independence. Providing an ADU for an elderly relative provides an effective way to avoid the problems associated with their loss of independence.

  1. Higher resale value

The resale value of your home with an ADU may not be your immediate concern. Even if you are not considering selling your property anytime soon, an ADU is an effective way to add value.

An ADU will provide the opportunity for rental income for a property owner, adding value to the property when listed on the real estate market.

  1. Adds living space

Just because an Accessory Dwelling Unit was designed to accomodate a person or family, it can be adapted for different uses. Architectural Digest reports that the uses for an ADU are many, including:

  • Art studio
  • Home Office
  • Yoga studio
  1. Provides independence to a teenager

One concern that most parents have is the safety and well-being of their children when they leave home for the first time. Whether a teen is going to college or looking for a job, an ADU can offer a solution to a parent’s concerns.

Completing a garage conversion allows your children to enjoy a sense of independence from their family while remaining close to their family. Many parents have chosen this as an option to provide a safe environment for college-bound teens as they take their first steps toward independence.

  1. Creates a rental opportunity

There are several reasons why converting a garage can be a positive option for homeowners. Among these is the possibility of adding additional income through the rental of  your garage conversion.

In major metropolitan areas, the amount of affordable housing continues to be a problem, with scarce rental opportunities for low-income families and single people. Providing a safe environment that conforms to local building codes is the first step to making money with a rental ADU.

  1. Preserves an architectural feature

The age of a property can affect the approach you take to adding an ADU to your home. The architectural integrity of a property in many cases do not allow the homeowner to build a new accessory dwelling unit.

Converting a garage is an approach taken by homeowners who don’t want to affect the design of an older home. A garage that is decades old can be the foundation for an ADU that doesn’t change the style of the property.

  1. A high return on investment

In the real estate industry, ROI is an important way to judge the success of an ADU. Your ability to improve the overall value of your property and receive rental income makes this one of the hottest trends of the 21st century.

There are several reasons why the ADU has become one of the most important factors in city planning in metropolitan areas.

The ability to provide a safe home for a family member while conserving living space for both parties remains vital for the elderly and young. Converting a garage to an ADU can positively change a property’s value and add rental income for a family.

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