Outdoor Living Trends In 2021

Few of the hottest alfresco developments for this year, so if you’re keen to keep up with what will be big and beautiful this year, read on.

One of the biggest trends this year will continue to be the creation of outdoor rooms. We’re talking about more than just outdoor entertainment areas – instead, we’re talking about a combination of louvre roofs and outdoor blinds, or sliding doors, that delivers a highly useable and covered space for all day, and all year, living. Outdoor rooms have been a “trend” for a long time now, and because they are in demand by discerning house buyers, we see no reason why they won’t be hot for years to come.

Outdoor living experts, from landscapers to designers, think predict outdoor rooms will be furnished in exciting new ways in 2021. Most agree that the coastal look is in, with homeowners in all parts of the country opting for beachside chic as a theme for their outdoor rooms, including these elements:

  • minimalistic sofas and half-chairs featuring blue or white upholstery under burlap or canvas. Remember to treat all of your outdoor furniture with a safe, weather proof guard.
  • wooden outdoor furniture with striped accessories like blankets, pillows, and tablecloths.
  • neoclassical lamps
  • wooden flooring or tiles made from terracotta or natural stone
  • wooden décor all sharing a nautical theme e.g. from seashells to ships

Another trend for 2021 is the increased use of more natural textured materials in outdoor entertainment spaces, including linen and cotton, rattan and willow vine, and jute or roping.

When it comes to planting out your garden in 2021, experts suggest that while there’ll always be a place for brightly coloured flowers and pretty shrubs in outdoor spaces, there will be more and more edible plants being grown. Outdoor kitchens are big right now and being able to pick produce from a raised garden in an outdoor room and cook it straight away is the ultimate in fresh and seasonal cooking! Crops like potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, lettuce and onions fit the bill in this regard, as do herbs like rosemary, sage, parsley, mint, basil and oregano.

Turning outdoor living areas into outdoor sleeping areas is another thing to keep an eye on this year. From stylish sofa beds in outdoor rooms to day beds under a canopy in the back yard, there’ll be an emphasis on taking it easy in the best possible way. Of course, any alfresco sleeping arrangement should incorporate privacy so the use of trellis, screens, hedge-style plants and even drapes will become increasingly popular.

One more thing to look out for is the use of bright colours in outdoor settings. While there is usually a tendency to opt for more muted hues and shades, or ones that reflect the browns and greens of our gardens, expect to see something bolder and more vivid this year: deep raspberry red, fresh cobalt and fuschia yellow will stand out in 2021!

Of course, trends are not compulsory. You can plot your own course when it comes to achieving the desired look for your outdoor spaces. However, the trends we’ve shared with you might give you the spark of inspiration you need to make that alfresco space very cool, and very enjoyable, in 2021.

Infographic Provided by NewTechWood America, Inc.

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