Our 3 best ideas to surprise your partner

After the stop caused by the covid pandemic, now people are starting to travel again for many reasons such as work and study. In this situation, it is very common to heard about people who are living a long distance relationship having very few possibilities to share important moments together. This articles aims to help all those people who are living such a situation, helping them to surprise their partner delivering a beautiful gift that arrived directly at her/his home. But what about someone who does not have any idea for the gift? If you are one of these people, please continue read this article because it will gives you some pieces of advice. After having analysed online many and many websites using as parameters the cost, the shipment and the size of the gift, we create a list with our 3 best alternatives: a bracelet delivered directly from the shop, chocolates that are usually sent using normal curriers and flowers using a cheap international flower delivery.

Our first two alternatives: bracelets and chocolate

Starting from our first idea, we pointed out that there are an infinite number of e-commerce that guarantee you the short time delivery of your bracelet but, some of them usually add the price for the shipment in the final bill. We discovered that the most frequent purchase happens online and not in the in-person shop. For this reason in fact, if you have decided to send a bracelet to your partner, our suggestion is to find an online website through Google or Instagram that can gives you an enormous variety of bracelets. Another very interesting idea to surprise your partner is to deliver them some chocolates. Our analysis, in fact, revealed that this kind of gift is quite common for specific celebration such as anniversaries or birthdays. We pointed out also a new trend that is continuing increasing that consist of sending a teddy beer with the chocolates in order to leave a gift that least forever.

Most romantic option for your partner: flowers delivery

We decided to leave the more romantic idea as last because we would like to analyse it more in depth. Flowers are the bestgift that women, but not only, would like to receive from their partners because of their colours and the meaning associated to them. Online is very easy to find a flower shop that could fit your needs, but it is always better to check them out and be sure to find out the best for you. These kinds of website give you a lot of alternatives of the flower composition that you can choose, based on the type of flowers that you could like, their colour and even the events that the flowers are needed for. You should also consider the price of the delivery and the countries where the shop you choose can deliver your order. In this way, you can evaluate which one is the best flower delivery that fit perfectly your preference.

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