Kazak Rugs

History of Kazak Rugs

Since ancient times Kazak rugs have been added for glory, comfort and warmth in the houses. These rugs have been also used as a symbol of status. Old Kazak rugs were usually woven with golden and silver strands. They were used for covering floors of special buildings such as for the floor of the palaces, for the floor of the luxury houses and for the floor of the churches as well. The history of Kazak rugs is very traditional and significant. Besides covering the floor of special buildings these rugs have been placed to at the feet of the king.

The process of the creation of these rugs was started at Azerbaijan in the 18th century and they were woven by different tributes. But Armenian is standing amongst all because Kazak Rugs are the creation of Armenian’s women. Kazak Rugs are also created in the city Hunza, Pakistan and the weavers still add traditional designs and follow the techniques of the 18th century.

Qualities of Kazak Rugs

  • Unique colors and designs

If you choose Kazak rugs as floor covering solution then you can make your floor rich with different colors and designs in a single purchase. These rugs include 5 to 7 different colors which provide an elaborate effect. Its pattern is completely aesthetic and attractive with a red, blue, yellow or golden color. The designs of Kazak rugs include diamonds, trees, polygons, humans and animals. These unique colors and designs of these rugs make your home classy by giving an aesthetic touch to the room.

  • Durability

The main feature of Kazak rugs is its durability. They are totally made up of wool and they are hand-knotted so they do not fade or get a rip. If you have pets or kids, you can keep these rugs on your floor without any worry because of its traditional strength. They are manufactured and dyed form from natural dyes that let these rugs to wash wasily without loosing colorfastness..

  • More Attractive and Soft

It will be a waste of money, if you buy those rugs that are neither attractive nor soft. Everyone looks for softness and attractiveness in rugs. These are two things in rugs that fulfill the value of money. Kazak rugs can better fulfill your value of money. Its red, cream and blue colors are very eye-catching and attractive. The Kazak rugs are very soft and cozy as they are totally made up of wool. So you can lay down or sit in these rugs.

  • Always Shine

Rugs are placed on the floor, so they can be dirty in a short time. A dirty rug can not charm your room in fact it can replace the look of the room. Cleaning of rugs, again and again, can frustrate you because cleaning requires time and effort. Kazak rugs do not absorb stain and dirt. They always remain in their original form and they always shine. Removing dirt from these rugs is very easy. What guests are coming without informing? Let’s just vacuum your Kazak rugs and make them shine.   a

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