How to style your Papa Bear Chair with other furniture

The Papa Bear Chair is bold and beautiful. Its charismatic presence always catches the eye and makes it an instant focal point in any room. This is why it can be challenging to pair it with other furniture pieces. Note that it’s difficult, but not entirely impossible. So, if you’re searching for some great ideas to welcome the Papa Bear Chair in your home interiors, here are 5 ways you can style it with other furniture pieces:

  1. Let the couch shine


Most homeowners typically want to feature their Papa Bear Chair in the living room. That’s because its oversized proportions are perfectly eye-catching for this part of the house. Another reason is because the living room is the center of the home, and most probably the only space large enough to handle the eclectic design of this chair. The most efficient way to use the Papa Bear Chair in a living room is to place it in a corner that’s directly opposite the couch. Remember: you want to create a wholesome picture, which means you have to let the sofa shine, and let the chair be used in an accent capacity.

  1. With a floor lamp


Pairing the Papa Bear Chair with a floor lamp is a piece of cake. All you have to do is make sure that it’s located somewhere that won’t make anyone trip on the lamp wiring. The rest can be taken care of by placing an area rug besides it and putting the chair directly on top of it! Viola – your very own reading nook!

  1. With credenza


Credenza – or furniture that’s typically designed against the wall – is a ubiquitous element in every home. It can be found in the form of a shelf, a sideboard buffet, a desk, etc. All of these things make a great backdrop, and you can easily set up your Papa Bear Chair against it. You just have to find a free spot within the layout that is strategically located to enhance the presence of the chair and make it stand out against whatever’s placed in the background.

  1. A nook inside a room


It’s not always recommended to style the Papa Bear Chair with regards to the major furniture pieces in your layout. Sometimes, it can be used as a standalone piece even in the midst of the rest of the furniture. All you have to do is isolate it enough from the rest of the space. It’s best if you can find an empty corner that can be used to create a private alcove with this chair.

  1. As an armchair


For living rooms in small homes, the Papa Bear Chair can be used in the capacity of an armchair. The reason is that there’s not much space to spare and using matching sofa-sets in such spaces can take away from the overall ambiance. Therefore, it’s best to place the Papa Bear Chair in the place where usually an armchair would be. This way, it can be paired well with the statement sofa. It can be further accessorized with an end table, a foot stool, a floor lamp, or anything else that you feel is right.

So, these are some ways that you can use to style the Papa Bear Chair with key furniture pieces inside a home. We home that this guide helps you utilize the potential of this chair to the fullest.

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