How to Remove Stains from Natural Stone Effectively?

There is no doubt about the fact that besides being attractive, natural stone is extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. Natural stone is being used for a long time when it comes to design and architecture. Nevertheless, it is essential to know how to clean natural stone properly since it can also stain if we do not treat it or look after it properly. It will be possible to maintain the natural elegance of this material in case we take some extra care.

Therefore, the question that might arise in your mind is how it is possible to remove stains from natural stones such as marble. In this blog, we have provided some valuable guidelines on stone stain removal from natural stone.

1.      How to get rid of fresh stains

The most important thing about cleaning natural stones will be to get the job done regularly which will prevent the stains to form in the long run. As a matter of fact, the cleaning process is rather simple, and you simply need some water and a neutral detergent that you can purchase from the stores.

It is a fact that on many occasions we might spill liquids such as lemon juice, wine, or coffee on the stone surface which can cause stains in the long run. One surefire way of getting rid of stains from the natural stone surface will be to wipe them off using a piece of soft cloth, for example, Microfiber.

Make sure to clean the area comprehensively after wiping it off, and you can also use a natural cleanser for getting the job done as well. Otherwise, you may also make use of a detergent if you feel like it.

The next thing that you should do will be to dry the stone surface after rinsing it. You should perform this particular step in case the water is hard in your locality since it can accumulate and cause unwanted marks or smears.

2.      How to get rid of tough stains

There are several solutions available to you in case you are dealing with a particularly obstinate stain. In this case, a natural cleanser will not get the job done for you, and you will require something specifically committed for the task. Here, we like to mention that using a fungicidal detergent will be a good idea when it comes to getting rid of mold from natural stone. Apart from getting rid of the mark, it will also safeguard the stone against any further occurrences in the future.

Make sure to rinse the stone comprehensively after the disappearance of the mark, and get rid of all excess water as well. This will help to eliminate any unwanted watermarks out there. In case the stone is not yet free of stains, then repeat the process once again.

3.      Things to avoid

Although it is a fact that natural stone is quite tough in nature, you need to avoid 3 types of products while cleaning. These happen to be acidic products, limescale removers, and aggressive cleaning products.

While cleaning the stone, treat it with the proper respect that it deserves from you.

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