How Does Painting Your Home Exterior Boost Your Home Value?

Boosting your home's value with exterior paints - Berger BlogInterior design experts believe that exterior painting is more crucial than interior painting when you are planning to sell your home. It does make sense. After all, your exterior walls greet your guests even before you get a chance to do so. Hence, it is a given that you must have a chic home exterior if you want to get a good deal while selling your property. 


Did you know that you can get a whopping 2-5% higher rate for your home if you have a freshly coated home exterior? This is because when a potential buyer sees a well-maintained home exterior, besides being impressed, he also gets a message that you have taken good care of the house. Since buying a home is a big financial investment, knowing that the house you are considering buying is in good condition helps to seal the deal. 


Still not sure how painting your home exterior can boost your home value? Read along as we share more light on this topic and tell you everything you must know about exterior home painting in 2024. 


How Does Exterior Home Painting Enhance Your Home Value? 


  • Increases Curb Appeal 


We live in a visual world where first impressions are everything. No one wants to buy a rundown house that looks like it can collapse at any moment. Exterior home painting is one of the best ways to boost your curb appeal dramatically. 


Paints have the potential to accentuate your structure’s architectural beauty and make your home stand out in your neighbourhood. Looking for a highly skilled and professional house painter in Gurgaon? Visit the AapkaPainter website today and book a free site visit to kickstart your home revamping journey today. 


  • Protects Your Home 


A good exterior home painting job does much more than enhance the aesthetics of your home. It also increases the longevity of your structure. 


A high-quality exterior paint can protect your home from harsh weather conditions and other environmental factors that can negatively impact your exterior walls. 


4 Exterior Painting Tips to Increase Your Home Value 


Now that you know that exterior home painting work can make or break your home selling experience, you can take matters into your own hands and enhance your home exteriors. Here are some easy and budget-friendly exterior painting tips that will help you increase your home value this year. 


  1. Use lighter and brighter hues for your home exterior as they will give an illusion of space and make your home look bigger than it is. 
  2. Consider using contrasting colours to highlight your windows, doors and trims. This will help to make your home look visually appealing to the potential buyers. 
  3. Go for neutral hues like white, beige, cream, etc. These hues are classic and they will never go out of style. This will get you a brownie point from the potential buyer as it will save him or her from the hassle of repainting. 
  4. Hire professional home painting services like AapkaPainter. They will help you achieve a flawless and professional finish that will make your home look luxurious and stylish. 


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The Bottom Line 


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