Hire a skip Wokingham: Types of Skips

Wokingham is a busy town and no matter how clean you try to be, there will always be rubbish that needs disposing of. If you are looking for a way to get rid of your waste but don’t want to make a trip to the tip every time you need to, then hiring a skip could be the perfect solution. Not only is it a convenient way to get rid of your rubbish, but it’s also affordable too when you choose to hire a skip in Wokingham, who offer low cost skips in the Wokingham area today.

For many people, hiring a skip is the best way to deal with their home or garden waste. There are other options, but these often cost more and are less convenient.

Types of Skips

There are a variety of different skips available for hire in Wokingham. The size, shape and style of the skip you choose will depend on several factors including how much waste is going to be produced and the type of waste that is being produced.

  • Open to Skips

Open top skips are the most popular choice as they can fit all types of waste. The skip itself is open so you do not have to lift any heavy items over a lip or into a small opening. They can hold large amounts of waste and are usually priced according to size and weight.

  • Roll on Roll

Roll on roll off containers are similar to an open top skip except they are larger (up to 40 yards) and have wheels attached to the base so they can easily be moved around a site. They are often used by large industrial businesses where they will need to dispose of more waste materials over longer periods of time before they need emptying.

  • Rare end Loading Skips

Rear end loading skips are designed for heavy duty waste materials such as soil, concrete and rubble. They have sloping sides so the contents can easily slide out when emptied.

  • Drop Door Skips

Drop door skips are ideal for industrial sites where space is limited as the drop door at the back allows them to be placed close to walls or buildings without blocking access points or walkways.

Skip Sizes

Before you hire a skip in Wokingham, you need to know what size bests suits your needs. There is a diverse range of skip sizes available in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, with skips suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial waste. Let’s explain what each size is best used for and how many bin bags they should hold.

The way of measuring how much waste can be held in a skip bin has been changed from weight to volume, as it is easier to estimate how much space the waste will fill, rather than trying to guess its weight. As a rough guide, one bag of rubbish takes up around 30 liters of space.

  • 2 yard Mini Skip

Ideal for small projects such as garden clearance and small home renovation projects. The mini skip holds around 30-35 bin bags (1 cubic yard = 1 tonne).

  • 4 yard Midi Skip

The midi skip is the most popular size for house refurbishments, kitchen renovations or garden clearances. It holds around 60-65 bin bags (1 cubic yard = 1 tonne).

  • 6 yard Builders Skip

The builders skip is larger than the midi skip and is generally hired by tradesmen carrying out building work on houses or factories. It holds around 90-100 bin bags (1 cubic yard = 1 tonne).

  • 8 Yard Builders Skips

These 8 yard builders skips are great if you have a large project on the go, such as a full house clearance or a bigger renovation project. The open top makes it easy to dispose of heavier items such as soil or brickwork.

  • 12 Yard Maxi Skips

Our largest skip, the 12 yard maxi skip is well-suited to commercial work and building sites which generate large amounts of waste. These skips are often used by home developers, shops and offices which are undergoing refurbishment and need to dispose of fixtures and fittings. With a total capacity of 60 bin bags, this skip is best for mixed heavy and light waste.

3 Yard Mini Skip

For small projects, our 3 yard mini skip hire Wokingham is a great value for money. It can be used by anything from one person to a team of three or four workers and are ideal for smaller jobs such as garden clearances, DIY projects or very small building works where you have to dispose of only moderate amounts of rubbish.


Even if you want to hire a skip in Wokingham, you may not know what type of skip you should choose. There are many types of skips and you can easily get lost in the variety of these containers. This article will help you choose the one that suits your needs.

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