Highlights on Heated floors

Contrary to the principle of the radiator, which emits heat in a localized way, the underfloor heating diffuses a soft and homogeneous heat in all the dwelling.

It consists of polyethylene heating pipes laid on an insulator, itself installed on a concrete slab. A screed covers the heating tubes. The latter makes it possible to distribute the heat similarly and to level the surface of the ground, which will receive the chosen covering: tiling, parquet, etc.

Operating with water or electricity, this system heats the floor surface and indoor air at low temperatures.

The Advantages Of Underfloor Heating

  • Extra comfort

The main advantage of the underfloor heating is undoubtedly comfort, in particular with the hydraulic floor, which diffuses heat by radiation. As a result, the temperature felt is uniform and pleasant. This type of heating ensures a moderate floor: no more slippers in winter!

By this heating system, the whole room is heated uniformly, unlike a conventional laminate system where the walls are often more refreshing than the rest of the room. It thus decreases the problems of blood circulation and bulky legs that one could know.

  • More economical heating

One of the most cost-effective solutions is floor heating. Since there is no heat loss, it is possible to program a lower temperature than with another heating mode and benefit from the same comfort zone. In terms of temperature, using a heated floor saves you 2 degrees for equivalent comfort with a conventional heating system. This means that for a temperature set at 18 ° C with a heated floor, the same comfort will be achieved at 20 ° C with a conventional heating system.

  • Healthier air

Thanks to its system of diffusion of heat by radiation and not by convection, the movements of air and dust are reduced. The atmosphere in your home is then less polluted, and the risk of respiratory illnesses is durably reduced.

  • Saving space and aesthetics

Have you had problems fitting out your rooms until now because of the presence of radiators? With the heated floor, you benefit from a significant saving of space and more freedom in the layout of your house and its decoration like the marble laminate floors.

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