9 Kitchen Design Trends You Can Follow To Upgrade Your Home

As you may have already guessed from the title, this article puts particular emphasis on kitchen design trends. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Furthermore, it’s often situated near the dining area, where you typically invite guests to eat, as well as chat and mingle!

In any kitchen remodeling vienna upgrade, one should be familiar with some of the latest trends. Read on to learn more about how these can increase the value of your home:

Dark Cabinet Colors

We all know that white cabinets are always a classic look but experts say that more and more homeowners are choosing to decorate their kitchen with dark-colored cabinets while adding pops of color around the place. It gives your kitchen a more sophisticated and luxurious feel.

Mix and Match Lighting

Choosing between two or more types of lighting? Why not try mixing and matching them? You can incorporate both grand and beautiful chandeliers, as well as those classic pendants. This allows you to celebrate different kinds of aesthetics.

Unexpected but Impactful Shapes

Some unexpected but impactful elements that you can add to your kitchen are shapes placed in areas where they’re not normally found. It may be a bit daunting to experiment with this style but, when done right, it gives the overall room a WOW factor.

Double Islands

Double islands are not only highly functional but it also maintains your kitchen’s traffic flow. Be sure that you divide the area properly so that meal preparation and serving will be more seamless.

Gravity-Defying Islands

Homeowners are looking for a more clean and open space when they are preparing meals. One way to achieve this without sacrificing the aesthetic of your kitchen is a gravity-defying island. It reveals more space and becomes an extension of the architecture itself.

High-End Quartz Kitchen Countertops

While some trends die out, there are those that remain to be on top. High-end quartz kitchen countertops are made up of a material that is hardy and can last forever. You can never go wrong with this one!

Ceramic Flooring

When it comes to flooring, one way to upgrade is to change your hardwood flooring to a ceramic one. Ceramic flooring gets way more attention and you can choose from an array of styles and sizes.

Brass Accents

Brass accents are so in right now! You can choose to have brass appearing in your kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, faucets, and drawer pulls!

Wood and Plaster Cabinets

Lastly, when it comes to kitchen remodeling Vienna, adding a more natural texture is always a good idea. Wood and plaster cabinets give your kitchen are unique aesthetic that will immediately transport anyone to a faraway magical place!

There are so many ways to upgrade your home. However, before you start scouring the internet for remodeling Vienna inspiration, it is important that in any renovation project, you should know which rooms in your house should you prioritize. Your kitchen should always be on the top list!

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