6 Cool Ways to Design Your Stairway

Stairways are a transitory part of the home. However, they can also serve as the focal point of your house’s interior design.

Types of Staircases

If you are looking for staircase structure design ideas, here are a few of them to get you started:

Geometric Juxtapositions

Creating a design for your staircase that incorporates geometric juxtapositions is a great way to make it look cool and unique to your home. Instead of just being a place to get to different floors in your home, it can serve as an art installation or a part of the décor when you do that.

For example, adding linear motifs alongside divergent stairway designs can help highlight the features you want people to notice about your stairway. It makes it visually appealing and can even help it stand out in a room that may otherwise not have as much decoration as it could have.

Library Staircase

Using a staircase for another purpose is becoming increasingly popular these days. In fact, this is common for people who live in a small house.

A common choice would be to convert some of the stairs or all of them into bookshelves. Not only will this help make your stairs more interesting, but it also helps you incorporate more space.

The steps themselves don’t have to be the shelves. The walls by the stairs could instead serve as your unique book shelving, which is helpful for many book lovers out there.

Open Staircases

Open staircases give your home a more airy feeling because the spaces between each step are fully open. You can also create open staircases anywhere, and they can add a modern touch to any part of your home.

It can even be interesting how your wall lights can cast interesting shadows on the steps and the railings. Some unique stairway designs can add that level of magic that can make your stairways a form of art in the house.

Contemporary Stairways

Contemporary stairways are ideal for creating a visual border between different zones in the house. More so if you have an open floor plan.

Although openness is the point of an open plan home, having these snug areas can help make the room a warm and cozy feeling.

Low-Key Suspended Staircase

Speaking of a contemporary staircase style, a truly remarkable and unique stairway design that not many homes do would be a suspended staircase.

Given that the railings are replaced with something that creates a suspended effect, this type of staircase is usually more minimalist. Hence, it’s perfect for homes with a minimalistic trend throughout.

It also helps accentuate and highlight the rest of the room since it doesn’t occupy much space.

Wall Integrated Stairs

Wall-integrated stairs are standard stairs where one side of the stairs is a part of the wall. It’s a great place to put up wall art given that the wall is near the stairs and people will pass by it often. You can do all sorts of wall décor to increase the appeal of this type of stairway, so it’s perfect for someone who wants that design freedom.

6 Ways to Design Your Stairway

Once your stairway is in place, it’s time to think of other ways you can up the ante, so here are a few tips to get you started.

Paint your stairs

Painting your stairs is an effortless way to make your stairs stand out. Instead of the usual neutral colors, why not go with bright colors like yellow or turquoise? It can help make your home look livelier and more welcoming, and warm.

Use glass and wood

Using glass and wood is a great way to make your stairway look clean and elegant without much kerfuffle. The natural feeling that the wood pattern evokes and how glass allows you to see the stairs better creates an open and airy feel in your home.

Although glass and wood are reliable ways to create stairway designs, wood stairways can be just as experimental as well. For one, you can give it a stairway with a 3D effect.

It’s made from wood, but it creates a whimsical design that is both adventurously crafted and familiar due to its wooden make. However, in order to keep your wood stairs looking its best, you’ll need to care for it through regular cleaning.

Maid Sailors Cleaning Services NYC suggests researching the right type of cleaning solution depending on your wood stairs’ finish. Avoid using any harsh or abrasive cleaners, as this can damage the finish on your wood, making it look dull and lifeless.

Add stair flares

Adding stair flares is one way to make your staircase look grander. A stair flare would be when the bottom steps of your staircase start widening to create a flared effect. It can make your staircase feel like something out of a grand ballroom or hall, especially if you add a well-chosen carpet or a large area rug on it.

Make it float

Cantilevered staircases are a great modern design on stairways that make them look floating. It looks sleek, clean, and contemporary, especially since it doesn’t have railings, so it’s great for people who want that look.

Let the light in

Whether you’re adding artificial or natural light, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re letting light in. It can help elevate the visual appeal of your stairs. You can add a skylight or atmospheric lighting to the steps themselves, which is especially great for more open stairway designs. You can play around with light to make your stairs look unique.

Add Texture With Wallpaper

You can create an excellent design with your stairway without changing its structure. All you need is textured wallpaper.

For example, the walls around your staircases can be covered by a patterned wallpaper that is unique and wild. Meanwhile, you can cover the steps with wallpaper with a subdued design. It adds an extra whimsical effect to your home without having to make your stairway feel like it’s out of place from the rest of your home’s design.

Applying any of these tips when designing your stairway can elevate its appeal. Who knows? This might even turn your staircase into a focal point in your home’s interior design.

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