5 Tips For Shopping Window Blinds

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How do you shop for window blinds? Many people seem to have no idea. They may just pick any old style because they are not aware of what is out there. Luckily, if you know what to look for, shopping for window blinds can be a breeze.

Here are five tips that should help you shop for your next window blinds purchase:

Tip 1: Cordless vs Corded

Decide whether cordless or corded is more important to you. Cordless does offer increased safety while corded offers convenience. If the cords tend to pose a hazard in your home, then perhaps go with cordless. Otherwise, be aware that it will take longer to raise and lower the blinds when they are not cord-free.

Tip 2: Know your blinds. 

There are different types of window blinds, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Motorized blinds are window coverings that allow you to lift, lower, raise and lower them by way of a switch or remote control. Motorized blinds reduce the risk of back and neck injuries by taking away the need to lift heavy window coverings. They also provide a cost-effective way to cool down your home when the weather heats up.

Aluminet Blinds is cordless, good at blocking sunlight. This type of blind offers extra insulation for your house if you live in a warm region. Think about this one if you find yourself constantly turning the A/C on yet unable to keep cool!

Wooden Blinds are more expensive – they are likely an investment piece but they do last long. They also tend to blend well with most interiors so it will be less obvious that they are there (if that’s what you’re going for!). These would be the go-to option if you want something or stylish! You can see the wood from the outside, they look nice but still block out sunlight.

PVC Blinds are waterproof and can be easily cleaned – good for people with allergies! These also have a longer life span than other blinds. They do not fold very well though so they cannot be easily opened or closed.

Vertical Blinds stretch across the entire window in one panel. It is a very modern design that makes it seem like there is no window covering in place at all. While effective against light, these might not offer as much privacy as you would want for your home if rooms overlooked each other.

Modern Roller blinds are stylish and sleek. They provide more insulation than standard roller blinds because of their mesh design. These also look very nice and do not block the view outside the window. Their mesh design allows them to allow lots of light in too if you want it!

Tip 3:  Decide which type would work best for your home

Now that you know the different types of blinds, decide which would work for your home. Do some research online or visit a few stores and try out some blinds until you figure out what solution is best for you.

Tip 4:  Test out the blind materials and their colours

Remember that blind materials and their colours may alter the amount of light penetration into your home at certain times of day or year. For example, wood can absorb heat from sunlight during summer making it warm inside while blocking all sunlight may make rooms feel dark during winter when natural light is scarce. It’s best to carry out a test before you buy.

Tip 5: Make your decision

Last but not least, it’s time to make the purchase! If you’ve made your decision and know exactly what you want (and where to get it!) then go for it. However, don’t be afraid to try something new either – otherwise, how will you find out what works best for you? 

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